Death Of A Salesman

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1 The Battle for Identity and Reality in “Death of a Salesman”

Introduction Whether it is through family, an occupation, or a hobby, everyone desires something that makes them a unique individual. Almost everyone has experienced struggles in giving their best endeavors to achieve a great identity, but then there are those who think it comes without any effort. b. Arthur Miller’s Pulitzer Prize-winning “Death of a […]

2 Unveiling Symbolism and Themes in “Death of a Salesman”

Introduction There are many important points in this play. One point is that Willy’s home “work” was a symbol of his strong desire to achieve a goal because he had this strong desire to become a successful businessman, but his house structures showed his real desire. Willy’s Home as a Symbol of Desires and Realities […]

3 Exploring Settings, Symbols, Themes, and Author’s Style in “Death of a Salesman”

Introduction Within Death of a Salesman, there are three different settings: Boston, Brooklyn, and inside of Willy’s mind. The play starts off in Brooklyn, New York, inside an apartment that is super cramped by other buildings. Willy dislikes his home because of how enclosed and claustrophobic it is. He desperately wants to move to somewhere […]

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4 The Struggle for Identity and its Impact on Relationships in Death of a Salesman

Introduction In Fred Ribkoff’s written response to Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, titled Shame, Guilt, Empathy, and the Search for Identity in Arthur Miller’s Death of A Salesman, he goes into how he believes that Willy Loman has identity issues because of his shame and guilt of some of the things that have occurred […]

5 Illusion vs. Reality in ‘Death of a Salesman’: Struggle with Self-Deception

Introduction How would you characterize Willy Loman? Consider his emotional/mental state, his motivations, his relationships with others (e.g., his wife, Linda; his sons, Biff and Happy), etc. The Illusion of Success and the American Dream Willy Loman is clearly the protagonist of Death of a Salesman. This first part of the opening act provides us […]