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1 Evaluating Evolution: Donald Trump’s Impact on Democratic Institutions

Introduction to Evolution and Political Systems Evolution is a term that is most popularly used to describe the gradual development of living organisms over time. Although the term is largely used in science, it can also be applied to many other aspects of the world that don’t necessarily have to do with living beings but […]

2 Tom Buchanan and Donald Trump: A Parallel Analysis of Sexism, and Infidelity

Donald Trump and Tom Buchanan: A Comparison Donald Trump, the forty-fifth President Of The United States, is a politician, businessman, and television personality. Those all are true facts about Donald Trump, but who is he in most of America’s eyes? Yes, he is the forty-fifth President Of The United States, but there is a lot […]

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4 Abraham Lincoln’s Morality in Relation to Slavery

Introduction In modern times, Abraham Lincoln is often viewed as a moral leader and a pioneer of equality for African Americans. If Lincoln’s career is examined more closely, however, it becomes evident that he was not, in fact, a moral leader. Rather, he simply followed the climate of his time period, acting as a moderator […]

5 Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass in American Politics

Introduction “Throughout the mid to late 1800s, Frederick Douglass was a very prominent figure in American abolitionist and radical politics. He and Abraham Lincoln affected each other’s viewpoints and adapted to each other, forming a companionship and bettering each other. The story, The Radical and the Republican, by James Oakes, explores this in depth. The […]

6 Abraham Lincoln: Leadership, Legacy, and the Struggle for Unity

Introduction The sixteenth President of the United States from Hodgenville, Hardin County, Kentucky, was Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was in office from 1861-1865. President Lincoln accomplished many great things; he was one of the best presidents of the United States and led the Union through the Civil War. One of the other great accomplishments was […]