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1 Promoting Social Justice Through Fair Trade and Worker’s Rights

Fostering Equity Through Fair Trade Principles Trade is the best way to seek equality for all workers in sweatshops and to respect the worker’s rights by giving them fair working environments. To me, this means that business owners should treat all their workers fairly and justly. They can show all workers fairness by giving them […]

2 Navigating Free Speech and Social Justice on College Campuses

Violence Erupts over Controversial Speakers There was a battle over college free speech at Auburn University. Free discourse came to fisticuffs before extreme right white patriot Richard Spencer could even start his discourse at Auburn University. Understudies enclosing the fight said a Spencer supporter started jawing with an Antifa, or hostile to fundamentalist, dissenter over […]

3 Social Justice through Workplace Fairness: Impact on Well-being & Success

Workplace Fairness: Catalyst for Motivation and Well-being This article discusses how justice at work is vital to employee motivation, health, and well-being. Justice in the workplace is more known as “workplace fairness,” and it has three critical drivers, which are distributive, procedural, and interactional justice. In distributive justice, personnel want to sense that distribution is […]

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4 Environmental Interventions for Social Justice: Imperial County’s Pollution Crisis

Unveiling Environmental Health Priorities: Imperial County’s Toxic Pollution Challenge Aguilera, author of the article “Living in one of the Most Polluted Places in California,” wrote that Imperial County is among the most polluted places in America. The air quality in the County is below federal air quality standards. The air quality is so toxic that […]

5 Artistic Paths to Social Justice Environmental Advocacy & Farm Workers’ Struggles

Introduction In most cases, matters of social justice entail advocacy of laws that enforce similar treatment to all people. Outspoken people have expressed their views on social justice by using literature as a tool to bring to attention issues related to the environment and politics. Regarding the weight of such issues in society, Mark Hamilton […]