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1 The Minimum Wage Debate: Evaluating Economic, Social, and Political Implications

Living Wage vs. Minimum Wage Dynamics The difference between a living wage and a minimum wage is that a living wage is the amount of the minimum possible wage required to support a family. Indeed, the living wage is the remuneration of employees corrected for inflation. There is no difference based on the employee’s marital […]

2 The Minimum Wage Debate: Balancing Economic Impact and Social Well-Being

Minimum Wage Debate In society, money is very important. In order to obtain money, an individual can either provide goods and services to the rest of society, or they could offer services to a business for payment. When working for a business, there must be a set compensation that is valued by the various job […]

3 A State-Level Approach for Fairness in a Diverse Economic Landscape

Federal vs. State Oversight We have seen more lately in the news that the federal minimum wage needs to be at least $15.00/hr to support a living. The cost of living is different depending on where a person lives. Do we really need a minimum wage set by the Federal Government or can the state […]

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4 The Impact of Minimum Wage on Workforce Equality and Economic Well-being

Contrasting Early Childhood Programs and Employment Benefits Headstart is a free federally funded program for kids from three to five years old; they are not a daycare; they teach preschool. Headstart can offer free medical and dental services for the kids. Head Start is required to serve all kids, no matter race, disability, or wealth. […]