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1 Decoding Food Samples: Surprises in GMO Detection

Electrophoresis Reveals GMO DNA Bands Because the chloroplast gene is present in all plants, the two master mixes were provided by the teacher: the Plant master mix green and the GMO master mix red. To prepare DNA samples for PCR, one needs to mix samples with two types of master mix. So, in the procedure, […]

2 GMOs: Changing Landscapes in Health, Farming, and Fuel

Genetic technology has been used for many years. It is technically called genetically modified organisms, which consists of DNA being altered in organisms to contain other types of genes. Engineering technology is important and is used in many medical drugs, crops, and animals. Enhancing Crops with GMO: Climate & Pests Scientists use this technology to […]

3 GMOs in Food: Weighing the Benefits and Risks

A common concern in this fast-food world is the safety of the food that we are putting into our bodies. One of the main topics is GMOs. There are many benefits to GMO food, but there are also many disadvantages to GMO food. First, we need to understand what a GMO food is. GMO stands […]

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4 Unpacking the GMO Controversy: From Cultural Foods to Global Policy

Cultural Foods and Their Deep-rooted Significance Every culture enjoys food. All cultures have at least one specific National Dish they call their own. Tastes and certain smells can jog our memory, taking us back to a certain period in our lives. It’s factual that we need food to survive. Food also brings us pleasure, comfort, […]

5 GMOs: Pivotal in Addressing Global Hunger and Environmental Challenges

GMOs: Meeting Global Food Demand Today, people on the planet Earth are 200000 more than yesterday. By 2100, the world population could reach 11 billion people. This development is an enormous pressure on the planet. The abnormal increase in people creates a big challenge for humans. The number one question is what to eat and […]