Heart Of Darkness

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1 Exploring the “Heart of Darkness” in Literature

Oftentimes, when comparing writing, whether it be from the 1800s or newer writing from the 21st century, we can see a few common and shared themes. Love, Luck, Heroism, Heartbreak, and Struggle, just to name a few, are themes that can be found in almost all pieces of literature. One of the many themes found […]

2 Understanding the “Heart of Darkness”: Atmospheric Mastery by Joseph Conrad

Conrad’s Craft: Evoking Darkness in ‘Heart of Darkness’ The objective of this extended essay is to demonstrate the effect Joseph Conrad achieves by creating a dark atmosphere in Heart of Darkness through his use of language, characterization, description, and decisions to make the setting. This topic is relevant because it shows the importance of implementing […]

3 Deciphering the ‘Heart of Darkness’: Conrad’s Puzzling Tale

The prevailing certainty that has arisen from over a century of contextual analysis is that no unanimous conviction exists when interpreting Conrad’s novella. Just as language and culture have adapted with time, so too, Heart of Darkness has found no immunity against the perpetual justification for societal scrutiny and elucidation. Here, deconstruction and Marxism tackle […]

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4 Decoding “Heart of Darkness”: Archetypes, Myths, and Imperialism

Humanity’s Legacy in “Heart of Darkness” Religion, myth, and stories are literature essential to the history of humankind and are passed through generations. These literary and oral pieces build humanity’s collective unconscious. From this collective unconscious, intuitive archetypes are derived, with more literature added to each generation to contribute to this generationally passed bank of […]

5 Unraveling the “Heart of Darkness”: The Racism Fueling European Colonialism

Marlow’s Glimpse: Brutality in the Congo In Heart of Darkness, author Joseph Conrad portrays the systematic racism that drove European Colonialism of Africa, as any individual sympathizing with African humanity is discarded by the colonizers. Marlow, a retired colonizer, recounts his experience in the Belgian Congo while in the employ of the Company, a European […]