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1 Cold War Echoes: Examining the Ruthless Pursuit of Territory in Literature

Jacques Tardi’s Stark Depictions: The Brutality of World War I In continuation, you have Jacques Tardi, who created an anonymous French soldier to depict his comic book on what World War I was like for all of the French soldiers. Here, he basically says that the War was pointless and how you become accustomed to […]

2 Cold War Echoes: The Indomitable Influence of Music on Politics

The Cold War Dance: Music Meets Politics Music and the power of words have been evident in the progress of humanity and society since long before many people can remember. Music has had the ability to lead revolutions, stop them from even happening, or even change people’s views on certain important issues. By mastering the […]

3 The Cold War Within: America’s Struggle Between War and Peace

From the Beatles to a New Cold War: The Shift in Societal Unity Everyone knows the song where the Beatles preach the importance of love over hate: “All you need is love, all you need is love, love is all you need.” It’s quite terrifying how this message seems to get tuned out like white […]

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4 Cold War Era: Tensions, Triumphs, and a Legacy of Creativity

The Origins: WWII Endings and the Inception of the Cold War Soon after WWII ended, the Cold War transpired. It would not be fair to say that one nation was particularly at fault since many say that the Cold War was inevitable, as the Soviet Union was for communism, and we were not. The two […]