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1 Evolution of Fake News: From Yellow Journalism to the Internet Age

The Evolution of Fake News Fake news, despite being a new term, has been around for an exceedingly long time. While no one can know exactly when it began, it was likely not long after the creation of written language. It has been used ever since, though in varying forms and with varying motives. The […]

2 Use of Fake News Narratives and Memes to Generate False Memory

In this paper, we discuss the science of false memory and how misinterpretations are formulated through both fake narrative stories and fake visual aids to build false memories. In the Fridenberg & Silverman textbook*, we study that the hippocampus is responsible for the consolidation of information from memory, including both episodic and autobiographical memories. This […]

3 Unveiling the Challenge of Fake News in the Digital Age

Be Prepared for Combating Fake News on The Internet People in Twenty-first Century can get a lot of information on the internet, allowing him or her to study work and address personal issues. The internet is also similar to a post office, which lets people send and receive emails. The internet has brought about a […]

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4 Unmasking the Threat of Fake News: Navigating the Digital Maze

Understanding the Proliferation of Fake News There are four categories of make news which include: False, misleading sites that are shared on social media, websites that contain misleading, unreliable information, websites that tend to use clickbait-y headlines, and comedy sites that offer critical commentary on society and politics. There are multiple ways to distinguish real […]