World War 2

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1 Pearl Harbor: Catalyst for Societal Change Post-WW2

Pearl Harbor: The Turning Point in War and American Societal Views Life after WW2 When the United States was coming out of the Great Depression, women and other races were treated differently. One of the nation’s most defining points in history was World War II. After almost a century, the belief that gender or race […]

2 Racism’s Dark Shadow: World War II and its Impact on Racial Prejudice

Introduction During the year 1941, America was still trying to recover from the great depression. Many people had no jobs. When the United States entered the war, it changed the nation. The war created many jobs and opportunities to have a better economy for citizens. Soldiers enter and join the war in hopes of having […]

3 Cultural Heritage during World War 2: The Amber Room and the Monuments Men

Introduction In Salt to the Sea, many people are trying to evacuate and get transported out of Germany and into safety. The story tells of a group of these people and their experience in trying to clear out of Germany. Body The Enigmatic Amber Room In the story, one of the main characters, Florian, is […]

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4 World War II: Balancing Advantages and Negative Impacts

Introduction World War 2 was fought between the Allied powers and Axis power in the year 1939 to 1945 (A&E Television Network, 2018). Germany invaded Poland on 1st September 1939 (History plex. 2018). Britain and France, who promised military support to Poland asked Germany to withdraw their armies from Poland, but Germany turned a deaf […]

5 The German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact and the Unfolding of World War II

Introduction The German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact was signed by Hitler and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in August 1939, inciting a flurry of concern in London and Paris. The invasion of Poland, a nation to which Great Britain and France had guaranteed military support if Germany invaded, had long been planned by Hitler. The pact with Stalin […]

6 Transformations in Aircraft Manufacturing Post World War 2

Introduction Aircraft manufacturing changed a lot after the end of World War 2. Changing markets, increasing needs in the commercial market, the emergence of a new enemy, and new emerging technologies created many new opportunities and challenges during the post-war era. After so many years of war, the new era of peace brought with it […]