Animal Testing

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1 The Controversy of Animal Testing: Ethical Considerations

Introduction Many laboratories are essential in finding information. Sometimes experts study by operating prescription medicines. Consequently, lives have gone down. An example of a horrible effect is considered a strange disease. Humans and living species are almost the same; however, they don’t react in their manners but are observed to be animals, too. Body Ethical […]

2 Animal Testing in the Pursuit of Scientific Knowledge

Introduction Unnatural and/or painful situations are not ethical in the pursuit of the human condition if you ask PETA. But in order to test medicines or other practices, we need test subjects. We can’t always test things on humans as they did to many people back in the day. Body The Ethical Predicament This may […]

3 Scientific Validity in Animal Testing: An Examination of Perspectives

Introduction Each year many innocent worldwide animals are taken away from their natural habitats. Animals are taken away by force to be put into laboratories to be tested on many company products, from medication to cosmetics, causing animals pain, suffering, distress, or lasting harm. This has been around for centuries. Body The Ethical Dilemma of […]