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1 Satire in “The Great Gatsby”: Exploration of the American Dream

Introduction The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald was written about a satirical story that embraces American ideals. The narrator, Nick Carraway, describes Gatsby’s satirical life, his incredible parties, and the amount of money he has. When reading the book, there is a lot deeper meaning than the luxuries some people have. Fitzgerald wrote The […]

2 Satire’s Influence on Politics, Media, and Society

Introduction Satire is regarded as an effective way to understand society and reveal its values. Satire can have a good effect when it comes to politics, but there can be some bad as well. Satire establishes it can be necessary for an excellent society to hold those in power publicly accountable. It is a vital […]

3 Satire, Sarcasm, and Social Commentary in ‘Roseanne’: Past and Present

Introduction The Roseanne show and fictional Conner’s family has always been able to represent the issues of America and the world using satire and humor. By using the dynamics of the family to bring these issues to the forefront, Roseanne, both in the older seasons as well as in this new season, writes to the […]

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4 Satire: Unleashing the Force of Mockery and Irony

Introduction Satire is a way of carrying out a specific task used by writers to uncover and condemn the inanity and wrongdoing of an individual or a society by applying comedy, mockery, overstatement, or sarcasm. A person, country, or, surprisingly, the whole world could be aimed in the form of satire by a writer. The […]