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1 Roe v. Wade and the Moral Dimensions of Abortion: Thomson vs. Marquis

Abortion is only morally permissible when the life destined for the child will be good for them. If their life will ultimately benefit them, abortion is immoral and is the unnecessary murder of a living being. Marquis’s argument is more valid than Thomson’s because Marquis touches on the importance and dignity of this living being. […]

2 Roe v. Wade and the Indispensable Right of Women’s Choice

I firmly believe that abortion is eternally within the rights of women across the world. If an individual is in agreement with legal abortion, the phrase “pro-choice” is given since it is, indeed, the choice of women. No individual or legislation should have the ability or authority to demand what a woman must do with […]

3 Empowering Women’s Reproductive Choice: The Abortion Debate

Understanding Abortion: Debates and Decisions How do you think it would feel to have your right to make your own decisions taken away from you? Abortion is a highly controversial topic and is a worldwide debate. Many people believe abortion should be illegal, while others believe women should have the right to choose what they […]

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4 Examining the Abortion Debate: Ethics, Rights, and Controversy

Historical Context and Definition of Abortion There are many pressing, contentious problems in our world today. The majority of them have to do with our ethics, morality, and beliefs, which gives rise to a very strong yes or no, or good and bad side. The topic of abortion is one of these topics. The term […]

5 Understanding Abortion through Diagnostic Analysis

Understanding Abortion through Diagnostic Analysis Diagnostic analysis was used to analyze the data collected for this assignment. It was used because it creates more connections between the data and identifies patterns of behavior; diagnostic analysis asks the main question of “what happened” and then dives deeper and asks, “Why did it happen?” Perceptions and Beliefs […]

6 Western and Non-Western Views on Abortion

Understanding Abortion: Western and Non-Western Perspectives What is abortion? Abortion is when a pregnancy is ended so that it doesn’t result in the birth of a child. It is when the embryo or fetus is removed before it is able to survive outside the uterus. There is also an abortion that occurs unplanned, which is […]