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1 Roe v. Wade and the Moral Dimensions of Abortion: Thomson vs. Marquis

Abortion is only morally permissible when the life destined for the child will be good for them. If their life will ultimately benefit them, abortion is immoral and is the unnecessary murder of a living being. Marquis’s argument is more valid than Thomson’s because Marquis touches on the importance and dignity of this living being. […]

2 Roe v. Wade and the Indispensable Right of Women’s Choice

I firmly believe that abortion is eternally within the rights of women across the world. If an individual is in agreement with legal abortion, the phrase “pro-choice” is given since it is, indeed, the choice of women. No individual or legislation should have the ability or authority to demand what a woman must do with […]

3 Roe V Wade’s Guide: Top Strength Training Techniques

Roe V Wade Dives into the Efficiency of Super Sets Man has always sought to be stronger and faster since as early as Ancient Greece in the first Olympic games. As such, man is in search of the best way to get strong and stay strong throughout their lifetime. Training has evolved much since then, […]

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4 Roe v Wade: The Nuances of Return on Equity in Business

People: The Core of Organizational Success When learning about Return on Equity (ROE) and how it is used within companies to determine the book value of equity, I believe we must look at all sides here, not just the financial side of things when it comes to rewarding one-on this basis. First, let’s discuss the […]

5 Roe v. Wade: The Landmark Case Shaping Abortion Rights in America

From Norma McCorvey’s Struggle to the Supreme Court Decision In August 1969, a waitress in Texas, Norma McCorvey, wanted an abortion after an unexpected pregnancy. At that time in Texas, the laws stated that if you were pregnant as a result of rape, you could legally have an abortion. Thus, her friend advised her to […]