Childhood Trauma

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1 The Impact of Childhood Trauma on Attachment and Self-Esteem

Introduction The purpose of this study was to test the association with childhood emotional abuse. The purpose was to test whether the association with childhood emotional abuse was either positive towards being fearful or negative towards having a secure attachment. Understanding Childhood Emotional Abuse and Attachment Five hundred and fifty-four undergrad students participated in this […]

2 Childhood Trauma Sensitive Approaches to Education

Introduction I am currently working in a self-contained behavior classroom as a Special Ed. Instructional Assistant in Milwaukie, Oregon. We currently have eight students in K-2nd grade. Our district divides the behavior classrooms into two levels: Elementary K-2nd grade and Intermediate 3rd-5th grade, and they are housed in various elementary schools in the district. In […]

3 The Impact of Childhood Trauma on Brain Development and Function

Abstract current article will provide an overview of the research literature on how trauma impacts brain development. An exploration of trauma is outlined, as well as the sources of childhood trauma. Understanding how the brain develops and how trauma impacts this development provides the means to better understand traumatized children. This article is a literature […]

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4 The Impact of Early Childhood Trauma on Family and Marriage Relationships

Introduction One of the major aspects to look at when researching trauma and how it can affect family and marriage relationships is what early childhood trauma can cause later, further down the line. When a parent or caregiver openly rejects the child or is not responsive to the needs of the child, it is possible […]

5 Unraveling the Impact of Unresolved Childhood Trauma on Adult Well-being

Introduction If a child experiences trauma, it should not be surprising that traumatic problems may still be present into adulthood. It could bring up and ruin happiness, relationships, or any area of adult life. Maybe they haven’t been feeling themselves lately. And they’ve been wondering: Am I suffering from unresolved childhood trauma? They thought it […]