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1 Unlocking the Secrets of the Black Death: Mysteries of Yersinia Pestis

Introduction The Plague is caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis. There are three extremely well-known pandemics; the first well-documented crisis was the Plague of Justinian. The most infamous, with the highest estimated death toll, was the Black Death. Then came the Great Outbreak of London as a result of the migration of the bacteria. Yersinia […]

2 The Echoes of History: Analyzing Epidemics (Black Death Plague), Then and Now

Abstract Preceding medical and biological research suppressed historic domestic and worldwide pandemics, but is modern society confident in the anterior brand of resilience? The World Health Organization (WHO) publicized an assertion that specified the potential of an unidentified infection as inevitable as opposed to probable, which evokes the process of procuring remedies as an endless […]

3 Black Death: Unveiling the Deadly History and Pathogenesis of the Plague

Introduction Throughout history, there have been many pathogens that are well-known. One of the best-known pathogens is Yersinia Pestis (Y. pestis), more commonly known as the Plague. There are three basic forms of Plague: bubonic, septicemic, and pneumonic. Each form has similar symptoms with small variations, and the mortality rates vary. Y. Pestis Pathogenesis The […]

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4 Unveiling the Horror: The Black Death and its Catastrophic Impact on Europe

Introduction “The Black Death”, “The Great Mortality”, “The Bubonic Plague”, all of these refer to a time in history where disease followed by death were almost inevitable. Disease was covering Europe and killing its people without hesitation; death rates were unbelievably high. The Ravaging Plague It is important to realize that about 1/3 of the […]

5 Black Death in Modern Times: Assessing Spread and Potential Impact

Introduction The topic that I chose was how the bubonic plague would spread if there was a modern-day pandemic. I chose this exploration because the bubonic plague interests me. I learned in history class about the Black Death, which wiped out around two-thirds of the world’s population during the fourteenth century (Benedictow). I wanted to […]