Domestic Violence

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1 The Cycle of Domestic Violence: Unveiling its Roots and Societal Impact

Learned Violence: Childhood Observations and Imitation True violence has poisoned many friends and families around the globe for years. There isn’t a day that goes by that doesn’t highlight a news story about some kind of act of random violence. Every day, reports of fatal shootings, thefts of government buildings and innocent households, and drug […]

2 Understanding Domestic Violence: Unveiling Patterns, Barriers, and Solutions

Understanding Domestic Violence Dynamics For many years, cases of domestic violence and intimate partner abuse have made headlines. Typically, however, the ones that make it public are the ones where the victim has already lost their lives in the hands of their abuser. According to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), “Domestic Violence accounts […]

3 Combating Domestic Violence: Strategies for Prevention and Legal Measures

Domestic Violence Realities and Legal Measures in North Carolina According to Truman and Morgan (2014), Domestic violence is also referred to as family violence. They defined domestic violence as a situation in which a person abuses the other either in marriage or in another relationship. It can either be heterosexual or between spouses. It does […]

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4 Combating Campus Domestic Violence: Understanding Intimate Partner Abuse

Karlie’s Tragic Tale: A Campus Unveiled College freshman Karlie Hall had a bright future ahead of her – part of the rugby team and gay-straight alliance club, she also did volunteer work at an animal shelter. She was described by her teachers as “hard-working” and had a part-time job to help pay for college. Karlie […]

5 Unraveling Domestic Violence: Control, Impact, and Societal Response

Cycle of Abuse: Forms, Impact, and Gender Dynamics Domestic violence has one purpose and one purpose only: to dominate the victim through control. The North Carolina General Statute 50B-1 states the definition of domestic violence as “attempting to cause bodily injury or placing a victim or a member of the victim’s family in fear of […]