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1 Julius Caesar: The Undeniable Power of Words Over Weapons

Introduction “Words hold more power than weapons.” I believe that this quote has a realism to it. When people want to get their way with others, they can do it with words; when people want others to agree with their point of view and give them what they want or do what they ask, words […]

2 Julius Caesar’s Heir: Augustus and the Masterful Reconstruction of Rome

Julius Caesar’s Successor: The Rise of Caesar Augustus There have been many leaders throughout world history who have lived beyond their time on earth. The Roman Empire has had no shortage of them. Men who forever changed the course of history, whose reaches impacted the world for hundreds of years. Caesar Augustus was one of […]

3 Julius Caesar: From Political Ascendancy to Gallic Dominance

Introduction Gaius Julius Caesar is a name known all over the world, but how did he get this name? The answer by military campaigns and terms in office. Caesar’s young career started with Pompey. Pompey was at the height of his power. He had everything that we could want. The only thing that Pompey could […]

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4 Julius Caesar: A Generous Leader Unjustly Assassinated on the Ides of March

Julius Caesar’s Unwillingness to be King After twenty-three stab wounds, Caesar was assassinated by men he trusted and died an unjustified death looking into the eyes of his friend Brutus. These men justified his death on his arrogance. Therefore, the death of Julius Caesar was hardly justified for three main reasons. Caesar never wanted to […]

5 Julius Caesar & Bhutto: Power, Responsibility, and Leadership’s Cost

Julius Caesar: Power and Persona “Julius Caesar” and “Ideas Live On” share many central ideas of power and responsibility of the government. They were also different in many central ideas, which makes it interesting to see who held more power in the stories and which government was more controlling and evil in the stories. In […]