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1 Enhancing Chemotherapy Drug Administration Safety Through Nurse Self-Assessment

Introduction Chemotherapy drug administration places nurses at a high risk for workplace exposure. Unsafe exposure to chemotherapy drugs has been known to cause “Increased cancer occurrence; adverse reproductive outcomes, including infertility and miscarriage; fetal defects when exposed during pregnancy” (Colvin et al., 2016, p. 1). The study discussed in this paper was aimed to determine […]

2 Self-Assessment: Biopsychosocial-Spiritual Evolution

Introduction We as people go about life through what we believe, and we build upon our beliefs with our surroundings. As we grow up, our experiences shape who we are. Life helps us develop strengths and get through our challenges day by day. Body Biological From the biological perspective, we look at the sections of […]

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4 Essence of Humanity: Self-Assessment and the Uniqueness of Being Human

Introduction The basic human dynamic is defined by humanity’s effortless question of, ultimately, what makes humans human. Within this, it will be determined what humanity means and what differentiates humans from animals, as well as the factors that contribute to this and, essentially, what the answer means. How the answer is applied, and if it’s […]