Gender Equality

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1 Gender Equality in Sports: Overcoming Stereotypes

Introduction Gender inequality is a broad topic that can be examined in many different aspects. Today, Gender inequality is a huge issue, and this issue should be addressed, and we should act. I feel that it is very unfair how men and women get treated unequally. A woman and a male can work the same […]

2 Advancing Gender Equality for a More Equitable Society

Introduction Gender inequality isn’t just a female issue but a human issue. “All men are created equal,” once said Thomas Jefferson, a contributor to the Declaration of Independence. Gender inequality is a prominent issue here in America. Strikes, boycotts, and rallies regarding gender inequality try to urge people to take a stand and fight against […]

3 Achieving Gender Equality in Sports and Overcoming Discrimination

Introduction Sports Equality. Do girls qualify as athletes? Are female sports considered a sport to all? Mariana De Paula Silva wrote on Athletes Network, “Female athletes have to deal with sexist comments coming especially from men who think these female athletes aren’t strong or talented enough to perform well” (2016). Why should female sports be […]

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4 Gender Equality: The Impact of Gender-Based Violence on Society

Introduction Gender-based violence can be defined as “violence that is directed against a person because of their gender,” according to the European Institute for Gender Equality. The website states that “both women and men experience gender-based violence, but the majority of victims are women and girls.” Forms and Impact of Gender-Based Violence Although it is […]