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1 Emotions: A Psychology of Understanding, Impulsivity, and Growth

Emotions and Their Impact on Behavior People usually don’t talk about emotions, but we all display or act on them at some point. There are eight basic emotions: fear, joy/happiness, anger, sadness, surprise, disgust, interest, and contempt. They can be combined in many ways. Emotions can affect a person’s thinking/decision-making, cause stress and/ or anxiety, […]

2 Triumph Over Turmoil: Psychology of Overcoming Adversity

Introduction: Saying I’ve faced a lot of adversity growing up is unfair, considering I grew up with people who had it much worse than me. To be frank, on paper, I had a perfect life; I had loving parents, a supportive family, and a plethora of fantastic friends, not to mention I was one of […]

3 Exploring Alternate Realities: The Psychology Behind Vivid Dreams

Dreams and Identity: Exploring Multiverse Possibilities Ever since I could remember, my dreams were always extremely vivid and sometimes a little bit scary. Some of them felt real, where I was still myself, but in a slightly modified version of an experience I’ve had, I would compare it to a drunken déjà vu. However, in […]

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4 Bullying’s Grim Toll: A Cry for Urgent Action

Bullying’s Dark Reality: A Life Locked in an Invisible Cage Bullying is extremely wrong and uncalled for. Bullying affects over 3.2 million victims every single year, leading to one out of ten people dropping out of school, 160,000 people skipping school, low self-esteem, depression, self-harm, and even suicide; the third leading cause of death among […]

5 Independence in ‘The Story of an Hour’: A Deep Dive

In society today, it is not unusual for a woman to be independent, but that has not always been the case. “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin was written in 1894, a time period when women did not have many rights and lived their lives for their husbands. The main character, Mrs. Louise […]

6 Comparing “The Story of an Hour” to Echoes of Female Oppression

“The Story of an Hour” & “Yellow Wallpaper” While the Story of an Hour and the Yellow Wallpaper are two distinctly different stories written by two separate authors, they share many of the same themes and elements. Both works depict a woman facing oppression through marriage and society, longing for freedom and autonomy. This theme […]

7 Fostering Personal Growth The Power of a Growth Mindset in Psychological Support

Fostering Growth: Unveiling the Power of Mindsets What can the field of positive psychology tell us about how to help HopeLine callers and texters? That question made me curious, so I began to read up on positive psychology. Positive psychology was started in 1999 by psychologist Martin Seligman. Seligman was interested in how helping professionals […]

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