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1 Fostering Personal Growth The Power of a Growth Mindset in Psychological Support

Fostering Growth: Unveiling the Power of Mindsets What can the field of positive psychology tell us about how to help HopeLine callers and texters? That question made me curious, so I began to read up on positive psychology. Positive psychology was started in 1999 by psychologist Martin Seligman. Seligman was interested in how helping professionals […]

2 Growth Mindset, Grit, and Mental Well-being Study: Anxiety & Depression

Mindset, Grit, and Adverse Experiences: Insights from Correlation Analysis Although there are many researches that note the benefits of mindsets toward outcomes, achievement, and success, less work has focused on measuring the relationship between those constructs and adverse experiences. This study examined the relationship among mindset, grit, anxiety, and depression. Data were collected via survey […]

3 The Dynamic Impact of Growth Mindset on Education and Success

Mindsets and Success: Effort, Strategies, and Grit There are two mindsets of thinking about intelligence: growth mindset and fixed mindset. Those with a growth mindset, developed by Carol Dweck, believe that knowledge can be developed or fluid by one’s effort. According to scientific evidence, neurons strengthen their connections when people solve complex situations. Those with […]

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4 Nurturing Intelligence Through the Growth Mindset and Environmental Factors

Unraveling Intelligence: Nature, Nurture, and Developmental Pathways The debate on whether people are born intelligent or unintelligent indicates that some scholars believe this trait is inborn and unchangeable. Intelligence is the measure of a person’s ability to grasp class content and apply inherent skills. However, some people think that as long as they understand why […]