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1 SHARP’s Battle: Confronting Power Dynamics & Army’s Path Forward.

Addressing the Devastating Impact A study conducted in 2018 concluded that at least 12,927 service women and 7,546 servicemen had a sexual assault experience in the past 12 months ( Sexual assault can lead to problems such as depression, anxiety, suicidal behavior, and alcohol abuse, among many others. The United States Army’s Sharp program, or […]

2 SHARP in the Army: Addressing Assault and Fostering Change.

Confronting Military Sexual Harassment & Assault The issue of sexual harassment and assault brings up thoughts of aberrant behavior and generally negative feelings, no matter if you are in civilian or military life. In the United States Army, the behavior and such thought among respected and sometimes revered service members might seem absurd. However, news […]

3 SHARP Dilemma: Army’s Response to Rising Assaults.

Introduction: Intervene. Act. Motivate. These are the words that the Army’s SHARP program preaches to all leaders and soldiers, new and experienced. If these words are what embody the SHARP program, then why are SHARP incidents rising in the Army? In the most recent annual Department of Defense (DoD) report of sexual assault in the […]

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4 SHARP Program: Strengthening Leadership & Eradicating Assault.

Leadership Structure and Chain of Command: Sexual assault/harassment has to stop! At the current moment, that is not being accomplished. Since Feb. 6, 2004, the army has implemented ways of stopping sexual assault/harassment. Although these methods have seemed to make more cases known, they haven’t necessarily weaved out the actual problem itself. Sexual assault/harassment can […]

5 Army-SHARP: Battling Sexual Assault and Rape Culture in the Military

Introduction: This paper will highlight why sexual assault continues to occur in the U.S. Army and how it weakens the organizational morale, why our SHARP program needs to be improved so that it attacks the current toxic military culture of victim blaming, and how “rape culture” plays a major role in several of the occurrences. […]