American Imperialism

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1 American Imperialism: Turner, Mahan, Spencer, and Fisk

Introduction Frederick Jackson Turner, Alfred T. Mahan, Herbert Spencer, and John Fiske were all important intellectuals who influenced American imperialism from 1890 to 1914. Frederick Jackson Turner started The Frontier Thesis, which is about an argument for the American democracy that was formed by the American Frontier. Alfred Thayer Mahan was a Captain in 1890, […]

2 American Imperialism: Impact on American Society and Foreign Policy

Introduction What does Imperialism really stand for? Taking over some colonies or countries for expansion and becoming a great world power. This topic was debated in the Senate for over 32 days. Imperialism became a big debate on June 15, 1898. This was the time when the anti-imperialist group stood up against the idea of […]

3 American Imperialism: Impact, Motivations, and Global Consequences

Introduction The definition of imperialism is the policy of expanding a country’s rule over foreign nations, most of the time accomplished by military force. Imperialism also includes political and economic control of said nation. The age of imperialism, for America at least, lasted from the mid to late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century. […]

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4 American Imperialism and Progressivism: Impact on Power and Transformation

Introduction The word ‘Progressivism’ comes from the root meaning of ‘progress.’ This term “.. first entered British political discouragement in the late 1880s.” (Kloppenberg, 1988, pg. 300) It generally focused on the advancement and progress of human conditions, whether it was in terms of science, economic development, or social organizations. In light of this idea, […]