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1 The Declining Efficacy of Capital Punishment in Modern Society

Historical Overview of the Death Penalty The death penalty is the worst ultimate punishment for any human being in the world. There is indeed no harsher punishment than death itself. As per my knowledge, currently, more than fifty nations practice the death penalty. Before I start to make an argument, I would like to provide […]

2 Capital Punishment and Marital Status Insights

Corporal Punishment vs. Child Abuse When you were growing up as a kid, did you ever do something bad and receive a physical punishment from your parents? Some do and some don’t. However, those that can say that they have, did it help you later on in life, or did it affect you in a […]

3 Capital Punishment: The High Cost of ‘Justice’

One day, you were sitting in your house, minding your own business, when the police knocked on your door. You are suddenly whisked away to prison. All of the trials and courtrooms you go through flash by. And suddenly, without you knowing how, you are on death row, waiting for your execution day. This is […]

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4 Exploring the Contours of Capital Punishment: Justice or Cruelty?

The idea of ending someone’s life as punishment for a crime committed seems unjust to many, but few believe it is effective. Capital punishment, or “the death penalty,” is when a person is killed by the state in response to a crime of conviction. In 36 states across the United States, “inmates on death row […]

5 Capital Punishment: A Controversial and Costly Solution

There is plenty of controversy surrounding capital punishment. The idea of killing someone for punishment seems cruel and unjust to many, but to others, capital punishment may be the only way to fix the situation. But the truth is, every human has a right to life, and we should not be the ones to take […]

6 Exploring the Layers of Affirmative Action: Necessity and Controversy

Unpacking Affirmative Action: Goals and Foundations Affirmative action policies attempt to dismantle the informal cultural norms and systems of group-based disadvantage and the inequalities historically resulting from them and attempt to promote an ideal of inclusive community, as in ideals of democracy, integration, and pluralism (multiculturalism), by means that classify people according to their identities […]

7 Affirmative Action: An Ongoing Debate on Discrimination and Equality

According to Coretta Scott King, “To abandon affirmative action is to say there is nothing more to be done about discrimination.” Affirmative action is an active effort to improve the employment or educational opportunities of members of minority groups and women. It was put into place to benefit groups that are thought to have suffered […]

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