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2 Poverty’s Chains: Eroding Children’s Fundamental Rights

Poverty’s Multifaceted Grip: Beyond Economics to Dignity and Fundamental Rights In general, poverty is defined as a state of existence in which a person does not have the necessities of life. A poor person ‘lacks what he or she needs,’ and a poor child is a child who lacks the necessities for survival.’ From an […]

3 Promoting Social Justice Through Fair Trade and Worker’s Rights

Fostering Equity Through Fair Trade Principles Trade is the best way to seek equality for all workers in sweatshops and to respect the worker’s rights by giving them fair working environments. To me, this means that business owners should treat all their workers fairly and justly. They can show all workers fairness by giving them […]

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4 Bullying in Healthcare: A Silent Threat to Staff and Patients

Since elementary school, bullying has been a key source of stress and anxiety in people across the world. As school-aged kids grow into working adults, conversations regarding bullying often cease, implying that it should no longer be an issue. Unfortunately, negative behaviors continue across the lifespan, resulting in detrimental physical and mental effects on victims […]

5 Bullying’s Devastating Impact: From Isolation to Academics to Suicides

Bullying is destroying thousands of lives. In America, more than one out of five students (20.8%) report being bullied. These kids are bullied because of their looks, religion, sexual orientation, race, or disabilities and illnesses. Bullying is destroying lives by causing kids to isolate (from family and friends), it also causes them depression that often […]

6 Bullying’s Impact: Katelyn’s Fight for Change

Cyberbullying: A Dark Side of Social Media Bullying has become a relevant and serious problem over the past decade, especially among children between the ages of 4 and 17. Katelyn lives at home with her single mother and brother, John. Her two best friends, Mary and Claire, always have her back through everything. Katelyn attends […]

7 Bullying’s Grim Toll: A Cry for Urgent Action

Bullying’s Dark Reality: A Life Locked in an Invisible Cage Bullying is extremely wrong and uncalled for. Bullying affects over 3.2 million victims every single year, leading to one out of ten people dropping out of school, 160,000 people skipping school, low self-esteem, depression, self-harm, and even suicide; the third leading cause of death among […]

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