Should College Athletes Be Paid

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1 Should College Athletes Be Paid? Ethical Analysis

Unethical Compensation Practices: Coaches and Illicit Incentives The athletic recruiting process can be an emotional roller coaster. It can be merciless on both sides. Coaches can change their minds about recruits, and likewise, recruits can change their minds about the coaches. Coaches will unethically lie to athletes and don’t care how it will affect them […]

2 Exploring the Question: Should College Athletes Be Paid?

NCAA’s Power, Corruption, and Exploitation Taylor Branch’s article “ The Shame of College Sports “ shines a light on the corruption and scandals that exists in collegiate sport. It reveals how the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rose to power and how it affected collegiate football. The branch begins by addressing the power that media […]

3 Should College Athletes Be Paid? Weighing Contributions and Fairness

Sacrifices for Athletics: Time and Privacy The topic “Should college athletes get paid” has become a very popular topic to discuss on the internet among social media users. One of the many responses made by people opposed to the idea of college athletes getting paid is that ‘They are already getting a scholarship! That is […]

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5 Should College Athletes Be Paid: Balancing Athletics and Academics

Introduction One of the hottest debates going around the country concerning young adults is whether or not student-athletes should get paid. On the one hand, many people argue that it is part of the letter of intent that they signed, and they should not get paid. Contrary, others say that the amount of time that […]

6 Should College Athletes Be Paid: Exploring Nutrition for Athletes

Introduction This project will focus on the global context of identities and relationships, specifically relating to personal, physical, and mental health, as well as what it means to be human. I chose this topic because I wanted to learn about nutrition for athletes and be able to explain it. I intend to specifically focus on […]

7 Should College Athletes Be Paid: Debate on Gender Integration in Athletics

Introduction It is the year 2018, and you cannot turn on the television without seeing women dominating in sports. One of the great debates of this generation is whether girls should be allowed on boys’ sports teams. When Title IX, the landmark legislation that bans sex discrimination in any educational program receiving federal funding, was […]

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