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15 The Impact of Video Game Usage on Physical and Mental Health

Introduction Video Game usage is bad for your health. One of the major reasons it’s bad for you is health problems. It can cause problems to the eyes. Also, it can give you cataracts which means there’s a blind spot in your eye. It reduces your physical activity rate, which can have a major impact […]

16 The Impact of Violent Video Games on Children’s Behavior and Cognition

Introduction Do video games affect the way kids think? Adam Larson (2012) said ‘some violent games lead to aggressive behavior, attention problems, or poor school performance.’ Can video games help kids in some ways too? It was said that video games improve our coordination, improves problem-solving skills, and so on. Video games can have a […]

18 Loot Boxes in Video Games: Unveiling the Controversial Gambling Mechanism

Introduction For the past five years, a new issue has come up in the video game industry. Video game developers and publishers have started to add hardcore gambling mechanics into their games, and specific in-game items are locked behind a random paywall. By adding hardcore gambling mechanics to video games, game developers and publishers are […]

19 A Historical Analysis of “12 Years a Slave”: The Evolution of Slavery

The Origins of Slavery in America Slavery has been a big issue since the beginning of civilization. Its traced all the way back to when Europeans first settled in America. The first affected by Slavery were the Native Americans. They were the first victims of Slavery because they were seen as minorities. Spaniards captured many […]

20 Reflections on Slavery in “12 Years a Slave”: Unveiling the Horrors

Steve McQueen’s Adaptation of “12 Years a Slave” The film 12 Years a Slave is directed by Steve McQueen, who based this narrative on Solomon Northup’s autobiographical experience. The film exposes the brutality of slavery and the dehumanizing repercussions of human subjugation. Initially, the film was created entirely different from the 1853 classic narrative until […]

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