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15 Legal Drinking Age on Driving Under the Influence and Public Safety

The Devastating Consequences of Alcohol Abuse The stories are constantly being told. A family relative died in a car accident because a reckless driver decided to have several drinks before their joy ride. In the inverse, the relative died because they had one too many drinks. The story of how a loving mother lost their […]

16 Complexities of Driving Under the Influence: Drug Abuse and Public Safety

The Devastating Impact of Alcohol and Drug Abuse After reading Coffman’s argument on stopping drug abuse and gun violence, I can agree to a great extent. I personally would like to bring an end to drug abuse and gun violence because of what horrific damage these items can do. Coffman’s argument is also trying to […]

17 The Debate Ove Driving Under the Influence and Drinking Age Laws

Introduction: The drinking age law currently has an increase in America’s percentage in crime statistics, and DUI reports are significantly higher than they would be with the drinking age set at 18. With all of the other rights coming to adults at eighteen, there is no logical reason they should not receive this one as […]

18 The Comprehensive Case for Medical Marijuana Legalization in America

“Legalize it!” shouting Americans are saying across the country, and honestly, why shouldn’t it be legal? In America today, we look at marijuana as a “bad drug,” and it is very common for many teens and adults to use cannabis at least once during their lifespan. We use marijuana for socializing, medical reasons, to escape […]

19 Championing Army Values: Addressing Sexual Misconduct Within the Ranks

Defining Harassment and Assault: How Army Values are Compromised Sexual assault and sexual harassment continue to be a problem within the Army ranks. But with all the training soldiers are now receiving, why is this still a problem? First, we need to understand what harassment is characterized by. Harassment is unwelcome, inappropriate remarks or physical […]

20 Biological and Sociological Theories of Criminal Justice

Introduction The authors (Cox et al.) of Juvenile Justice: A Guide to Theory, Policy, and Practice discussed five theories, four of which are considered to be the main theories. These five theories are scientific theories, biological theories, psychological theories, sociological theories, and integrated theories. The main theories are scientific theories, biological theories, psychological theories, and […]

21 Understanding Criminal Behavior: Exploring Theories in Criminal Justice

Introduction Many people want to know the reason(s) why people do what they do, especially when it comes to criminal behavior and even more so for really horrendous crimes. Explaining why someone did what they did is not always an easy assignment. There are many theories on why someone participates in criminal activity. Typically, only […]

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