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15 Frederick Douglass: A Catalyst for Abolition and the Battle Against Injustice

Introduction: Challenging the Legacy of Slavery I’ve been against slavery since my father was an abolitionist in the early 1800s and 1800s. He used to tell me stories of Gabriel Prosser, who almost led the biggest slave revolt that the South had seen, had two slaves not spoiled the plot. Everyone has the right to […]

16 Resisting Slavery: Frederick Douglass and Nat Turner’s Paths to Awareness

Slave Narratives: Shedding Light on Struggles Slave narratives helped bring light and awareness of the struggles slaves faced in the 1800’s. These narratives allowed modern readers to experience the African-American struggle for freedom from their slave masters in the South. Two great slave narratives were the autobiographical novel Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas […]

17 Motivation and Willpower of Frederick Douglass, Sherman Alexie, and Malcolm X

Introduction: People often face educational problems, whether it’s a social problem or a learning disability. Something is always on our way of getting the knowledge and education. It could be our friends, family, the environment around us, or finances. Some people give up trying to educate because they lose their motivation, willpower, or maybe self-esteem. […]

18 Comparing “The Story of an Hour” to Echoes of Female Oppression

“The Story of an Hour” & “Yellow Wallpaper” While the Story of an Hour and the Yellow Wallpaper are two distinctly different stories written by two separate authors, they share many of the same themes and elements. Both works depict a woman facing oppression through marriage and society, longing for freedom and autonomy. This theme […]

19 Deciphering “The Story of an Hour”: Lanser’s Fourfold Analysis

Phraseological Insights: Diegesis, Mimesis, and “The Story of an Hour” Lanser analyzes the work of Chopin in four aspects, which are phraseological, spatiotemporal, psychological, and ideological. In this journal, I will explain how Chopin’s The Story of An Hour applies these aspects according to Lanser’s definition. The phraseological stance compares the diegesis and mimesis styles […]

20 Personal Beliefs: King’s Take on Childhood Horrors in Film

Childhood Imagination vs. Adult Skepticism: King’s Exploration of Horror Films Through Innocent Eyes In the article “My Creature from the Black Lagoon” by Stephen King, King compares and contrasts the reactions between adults and children with horror films. He begins the article by telling a very detailed childhood story and uses the expression of strong […]

21 The Battle for Identity and Reality in “Death of a Salesman”

Introduction Whether it is through family, an occupation, or a hobby, everyone desires something that makes them a unique individual. Almost everyone has experienced struggles in giving their best endeavors to achieve a great identity, but then there are those who think it comes without any effort. b. Arthur Miller’s Pulitzer Prize-winning “Death of a […]

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