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8 Cell Phone Use While Driving: Does it Really Impair Our Abilities?

Whether talking on the phone impairs driving or not has been at the center of discussion since phones were made mobile. It has also been asked if talking on the phone does indeed impair driving does it impair it enough to make the driver dangerous. There are several things that must be done during this […]

10 Revolutionizing Transportation: Electric Cars – Past, Present, and Future

Introduction: Electric vehicles have recently been recognized as being key in technology in helping reduce future emissions and the amount of energy or power used. However, this may come as a surprise, but the electric vehicle has been around for more than a century. It is difficult to pinpoint the invention of the electric car […]

11 The Evolution of Electric Cars: From Ancient Concepts to Modern Innovation

Origins of Vehicle Innovation Over the years, many people have been credited with the making of a vehicle that propels itself and does not have to be pulled by animals. In the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci had ideas for a self-propelled car. He never built a model for this idea. Some scientists proposed the […]

12 An Overview of Diverse Electric Cars in India

Electric Cars: Revolutionizing Mobility in India Automobile manufacturers in India are fast advancing in the manufacture of electric vehicles. The introduction of electric vehicles will reduce the fuel burden on the common man and also reduce pollution. Now, let us learn about eight types of electric cars available in India. Storm R3: The Compact and […]

13 Crafting Your Path: Setting and Achieving Career Goals

From Childhood Dreams to Defined Career Goals When we were all very young, we wanted to be many things, whether it be an astronaut, a doctor, a pilot, or a ballerina. As a little girl, the first thing I wanted to be was a Pediatrician, then after that, a photographer, a marine biologist, a paleontologist, […]

14 Leveraging Data Science and Machine Learning for Enhanced Cyber security

Rising Threats and Evolving Tactics Today, the world we live in is advancing in each field, especially in terms of technological development. Any work can be done through smart devices. The biggest boon for our century is the internet. With that, we can know what is happening around us and in every part of the […]

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