Debunking Myths: Declaration of Independence & the American Revolution

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Myths & Misconceptions: Distorted Narratives

The American Revolution was an era that marked American history. During this era, the Americans teamed up and commenced a war against their colonialists. Washington led to the victory of USA citizens in defeating the Europeans, and it led to a stalemate within American history. The Continental Congress on July 4th voted to adopt the Declaration of Independence and, therefore, the unification of American citizens.

The traditional story of this era results in misconceptions and beliefs and also the emergence of myths among Americans. Many books are written explaining detailed information about American history. Different sources of this story have led to the event of assorted myths. These myths include the date the US became independent, the biting of clay pipes to avoid germs, the war was fought over foreign taxes, the doctors used leeches to bleed patients, and lots more. These myths led to a special perspective of the revolutionary and diverse ideas of the story.

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Debunking Myths: Declaration of Independence & the American Revolution
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Challenging Founding Myths: Diverse Historical Perspectives

The books “founding fathers’ by Zinn, Loewens, Brands, and Lepore were different from the stories we frequently learn in history courses in different ways. Brands argue that the interest of individuals in the Founding Fathers has declined and developed over time. Brands also state that the Americans support the event made by the Founding Fathers, and yet, they still blame them for other reasons. With the struggle of the Founding Fathers and also the effort they made in fighting for independence, Americans still argue about what they fought for. The results of what’s seen in America today aren’t depicted within the history of the Founding Fathers.

Loewen argues that the Founding failed to interact with slaves, Indians, and those that owned property and that they interacted with people of the category and traded together, yet, what we see today is different. The slaves were subject to the masters therein era, and with their suffering, they still paid high taxes. Today Americans have the guts to help and create peace, unlike the Founding Fathers, who were greedy and brutal.

From a Marxist point of view, Zinn approaches the beliefs of the Founding Fathers and their contribution to American development. He argues that history is grouped into different classes competing against one another. He believes that the Constitution was written to favor some classes, and yet, America could be a democratic country. The Americans hold a free and fair election because it is their democratic right. Zinn’s argument on the Founding Fathers doesn’t support American rights and freedom, therefore, Zinn’s arguments don’t seem to be what’s seen and practiced on American soil.

Independence, Security, and Socio-Economic Change

The American Revolutionary Era was about the event of the province and the restoration of peace and humanity among the American people. This resulted in an exceeding conquest by the Americans to fight colonialists to realize their independence. The need to bring led to the attainment of independence on 4th July 1776, and this marked a long-term history on American soil. Although the Founding Fathers, in line with Zinn’s argument, had the aim of benefiting themselves, they also helped in developing and defending the Americans from the brutal colonialist.

Zinn argues that the last word reason behind the war was the military conflict, and it dominated the complete American soil. The will for revolution and independence was the answer, and elites discovered that waging war against the colonialists was the answer since they believed that war made them safer. Americans wanted peace and time for development, and this led them not to join War 1 in 1917. Zinn argues that the Constitution had an economic interest in developing a robust long-term government.

The business owners wanted security to guard their property, and therefore the slave owners needed protection. Moneylenders needed to use folding money to pay their debts, therefore, the Revolutionaries developed a well-structured system to manage the American economy. The skillful Americans majored in research, and plenty of inventions were made. These inventions reduced manpower and resulted in the reduction of slavery.

Legacy of Revolution: Evolution of Power and Prosperity

I trust Zinn’s argument on the causes of war and also the Constitution to be since a stalemate was the answer. Americans wanted peace, security, and development. The elites drafted laws to be followed, and therefore the punishment of law offenders was also passed. Law court was established to pass judgment on the law offenders, an example of the judgments was death and made slavery. The elites also introduced taxes to regulate the economy and assist in development projects.

In conclusion, we’ve realized the American Revolution of Independence is a significant historical event that marked the start of the American nation as a superpower up-to-date. The myths we’ve studied are among the key important factors that helped the growth of the Yank economy. The Founding Fathers, in keeping with Zinn, Brand, Loewen, and Lepore, are the key figures in the contribution of American citizen’s history.


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