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8 Exploring Macroeconomics: Understanding Economic Systems and Implications

Introduction: An economy is a large set of interrelated activities of production, consumption, and exchange that help determine how limited resources are distributed. The production, consumption, and distribution of goods and services are used to meet the needs of those who live and work within the economy, also known as the economic system. Understanding Economics […]

9 Understanding Macroeconomics and its Impact

Introduction to Macroeconomics When the price of a product you buy, like milk or gas, goes up, it affects you. But have you ever wondered why the price goes up? Is the demand greater than the supply? Or does the cost go up because of the materials that are needed to make that product? To […]

10 Proposal to Reduce Radiology Wait Times with a New Transport Role

There has been a steady increase in patient numbers in recent years. The aging population, the cost of medical care, and the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act have all added to the increase in wait time for all radiology exams. The ebb and flow of residents and visitors Cape Cod used […]

11 The Complex Realities of Illegal Immigration: Chasing the American Dream

Immigration has been going on for who knows how long. Immigration isn’t only about Mexican Immigrants crossing the border from all the southwestern states. Immigration is considered any kind of people from different races coming in that isn’t American. In this case, I will focus on immigration from our southern neighbor, Mexico. Immigration was an […]

12 Chasing the Elusive American Dream: Immigrant Hopes and Modern Realities

The Essence of the American Dream I’ve been taught that America is a huge melting pot of different ethnicities and races where people have the right to freedom of speech, religion, press, and assembly, and that’s why people choose America to live out their dreams. Especially immigrants like my parents, who fled their home country […]

13 Taxing the American Dream: An Unequal Path to Prosperity

The American Dream: Taxation’s Toll on Prosperity We all dreamt of money, being rich, owning extravagant cars and houses, and being married to a prince or princess as a child. Everyone desires a perfect life. This Dream is known as the American Dream, which is the belief that an individual will be successful in life […]

14 Deconstructing Illusions: The American Dream in “The Great Gatsby”

The Great Gatsby and the Satirical Pursuit of the American Dream The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald was written about a satirical story that embraces American ideals. The narrator, Nick Carraway, describes Gatsby’s satirical life, his incredible parties, and the amount of money he has. When reading the book, there is a lot deeper […]

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