Exploring the Complex Web of Homelessness: Causes and Consequences

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Understanding Homelessness Causes

Anyone on the planet can turn homeless due to a large number of different reasons and explanations. The principle of causation of homelessness can turn destructive. This is a common social issue with a variety of social factors, such as a lack of affording a household to be in. It’s important to protect homelessness because we live in a homeless region/area of the country, and it’s very common around the globe. The lack of affordable housing, public assistance, mismanagement, and mental illness is one of the main causes of homelessness in the US.

The Plight of the Homeless Community

This next homelessness topic starts off with the homeless community. The community of the homeless should have abundant resources provided, and the homeless should be taught and educated for job opportunities. Frederick Brown states that California is doing a poor job of sheltering the nation’s largest homeless population. The non-sheltered population also has an increased risk of exposure to diseases. www.scpr.org is a public radio station based in Pasadena, California. This is a member of the Public Radio in Southern California. “Los Angeles Police are for leads after a homeless couple was sprayed with acid in Devonwood, according to the police from the source. The quote/citation is important because “being sprayed with acid” is an example of assault and battery, which you can face charges for. An assault that was committed is a crime.

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Exploring the Complex Web of Homelessness: Causes and Consequences
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The Shelter Crisis

It’s important to care about this situation of non-sheltered homeless people because we as human beings want to prevent homelessness and provide them with shelters so they can be in a good spot with a good temperature. According to www.usnews.com Christopher Weber is referring to the 33,318 homeless people in Los Angeles who have no access to shelters at night and instead stay in vehicles, tents, and the streets. USnews.com, the website is an American media company that publishes news and articles about what’s going on. USnews.com is observing homelessness due to the number of homeless individuals there are in our country.

Cost vs. Benefit: Shelters and Housing Solutions

Shelters are certainly useful in that they provide beds and roofs to people who don’t have them, especially on cold and rainy nights where sleeping outside could be fatal for some. But shelters are incredibly expensive to operate. Nationally, the average monthly cost of serving a family in an emergency shelter is $4,819. Providing them with a voucher for housing, on the other hand, is just $1,162. Shelters might be good for emergencies, but does having a bed to sleep in mean that someone has a home?


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