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15 The Enduring Impact of Mexican Immigration on American Society and Culture

Settlement Patterns and Challenges Mexican immigration affected America in many different ways and still continues to affect us today. Mexicans started to immigrate around the 1600s but did not actually come to the United States until halfway through the 1800s (“Mexicans”). Mexican immigrants continue to come to America today, some legally and others illegally. They […]

16 The Controversy and Reform of United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement

ICE’s Mission and Directorates: Budget and Functions In today’s local news and media, there are often news reports consisting of concerns with ice. To those who do not know what ICE is, it stands for the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It happens to be a law enforcement agency of the federal government of […]

17 Media Bias and Immigration Policies: Shaping Perspectives and Public Opinion

Media Bias: Shaping Immigration Perspectives Throughout the history of America, immigration has been a huge topic in the great country. Originally starting with the thirteen colonies, many people from England, and ultimately people from around the world, all immigrated to America to seek a better life. Those who came had nothing, struggling to stay alive […]

18 Contemporary Immigration Policies and Their Implications on the United States

US Immigration: Trends, Impact, and Demographics Who are these people rushing by you on the street’? More than 200 million people now call America ‘home,’ but most of them can trace their families back to other parts of the world. There is great freedom of choice among ideas, dresses, food, and social customs in America. […]

19 The Dual Role of Technology in Combating and Facilitating Human Trafficking

Introduction Did you know sex trafficking is one of the fastest-growing criminal enterprises in the world? Many of us are blind to the fact that sex trafficking goes on in our society every day, and many of us have little knowledge of what sex trafficking and human trafficking are. Sex trafficking is the illegal business […]

20 Human Trafficking: Risk Factors and Ethical Responsibilities

Introduction The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (USDHS, n.d.) defines human trafficking as “modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act” (p.1). Millions of people are said to suffer from being in forced labor. (Zimmerman and Kiss, 2017, p. 1) It is […]

21 Addressing the Urgent Need to Combat Human Trafficking

Introduction Human trafficking is when someone is forced into sexual behaviors. Human trafficking is known as “white slavery.” Human trafficking should be prohibited in the world, and traffickers should serve a reasonable time in jail. No one should ever get used for sex against their own will if they don’t feel comfortable doing it. It […]

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