Addressing the Urgent Need to Combat Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking is when someone is forced into sexual behaviors. Human trafficking is known as “white slavery.” Human trafficking should be prohibited in the world, and traffickers should serve a reasonable time in jail. No one should ever get used for sex against their own will if they don’t feel comfortable doing it. It seems to happen very often, and they still can’t find a way to stop it from happening. Have you ever wondered what caused human trafficking?



Human trafficking was first started in the 1200s and was a common form of everyday life. Back then, they considered it modern-day slavery. It started in the European slave trading in Africa, with the Portuguese transporting people from Africa to Portugal and using them as slaves. Britain joined the Slavery trade in Africa in the 1950s. Human trafficking is the trade of humans for the purpose of forcing Labour and sexual slavery. (Cited by Wikipedia).

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Addressing the Urgent Need to Combat Human Trafficking
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Who is affected by Human Trafficking

According to( MHeffern 2013), Victims from at least 127 countries have been exploited in 137 states. They target women, men, and young children. They targeted more women and young children for sex, and the men used them for more labor and work without pay. About 2/3 of the people affected by human trafficking were women. And a large majority and exploited traffickers were males. (MHeffern2013).

My purpose for writing about human trafficking is I’m trying to be another voice in the world to fight against it. I think this is something that should be banned from happening. I think the people who are conducting this human trafficking should get time in jail. The people that they are targeting, I feel, are people who can’t defend or protect themselves. Something really needs to be done about this horrible act.

Wide-Ranging Impact on Victims

I want my audience to know the real meaning of human trafficking. Understand what it can do to your mind and your physical. It can potentially make you feel very self-conscious about yourself. Human trafficking might even make you feel like you can’t trust everyone, and you might even feel as if the world is against you all the time.
It’s very sad, and no one really has control over this horrible act. This is considered a very big issue in the country. This is estimated by the International Labor Organization that there are 21 million people enslaved today. (Paragraph 2). Which is very sad because it’s only getting worse by the day.

The year 2000 is when they decided to make human trafficking punishable by law with victims of trafficking and violence Protection Act. After they decided to pass this law, surprisingly, it made crime increase. I feel it made crime increase. People a lot more people felt free-willed to say no to the horrible act of nonsense. The most common sex trafficking happens with children at a very young age.

Legal Framework and Challenges

The crime rate suddenly went up because they passed the law on human trafficking and violence protection. The TVPA was first passed by the U.S congress and then signed by President Clinton. The law was then reauthorized by President Bush and President Obama.  They passed the law hoping it was going to minimize human trafficking all around.

After they passed the TPVA law, crime suddenly increased. Past research on human trafficking frames in print media revealed that portrayals of human trafficking were, for the most part, oversimplified and inaccurate in terms of human trafficking. (Austin 2016)

After doing all my research and reading everything, I just feel like this is just getting worst as I keep reading up on it. I’m still just in disbelief about this entire act. I just still don’t understand how they can’t find out how to stop it or even come up with a way to stop it completely. It’s just really sad, and no one should have to go through this.

Importance of Further Investigation

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing illegal trade and a major threat to national and human security. Federal efforts have increased the protection of human trafficking survivors and the prosecution of human traffickers. However, human trafficking continues to have significant impacts on local communities. Cited by (Christoffersen, 2013).

My purpose for this argument is to let people know this kind of act is not okay and needs to be put to a complete stop. When I have been doing all my research on human trafficking, they state that this horrible act is something that they still currently cannot figure out how to put a complete stop to it. News reports say that human trafficking is at its all-time highest right now, with no estimated time when they will be able to follow up with any results. I feel human trafficking is at a high level because their no issue to stop it.

I put myself in the shoes of the individuals who are affected and really getting abused. I just want to be another voice in the world to try my hardest to put a stop to this. In my local state right now, as of 2019, my local news just had a report of our local news talking about sex trafficking. The article talks about recognizing the individuals who have been through human trafficking and giving them a chance to
talk about what they have been through.

Personal Motivation for Advocacy

They gave these individuals an opportunity to give advice to people who are currently going through this. On my local news, they said they brought this topic back up because they are starting to hear about a lot of unsolved cases. I don’t want anyone to go through human trafficking. I think it’s very terrible that little children are even forced to do sexual activities that they don’t even know about. I look at the people that are doing this to anyone sick in the head and need to serve jail time because of it.

I feel further investigation needs to be done regarding human trafficking so we won’t keep having all of these unsolved cases. I absolutely hate this and wish they would do something about it. Depending on the human trafficking case will determine the amount of jail time you will get after reading an article ( Buckley, 2017). Three women were accused of forcing a teenager into prostitution and will not serve any jail time.

Human trafficking is a violation of human rights as a form of slavery (Natsir2017). Based on the law of Number 21, in the year 2007, sexual exploitation (prostitution), child trafficking as workers, and child trafficking through adoption. Victims of human trafficking are mostly children and women. This is related to the basic nature of women and children who have special characteristics that can be exploited, which might facilitate the perpetrator of organized crime. (Natsir2017).

Analysis of Literature

According to Irena Omelaniuk (2005), the protocols serve many purposes: they provide the basis for policies to protect and assist victims of crimes related to sexual exploitation and prostitution, they require countries to take action against traffickers, and they help prevent human trafficking.

The people who are most vulnerable to human trafficking are homeless people and runaways. This can also mean people who are just put on the streets selling drugs or just out on the streets. They used and abused these people for sex to get money to sell their bodies.

According to the anti-trafficking organization The Polaris Project, traffickers (both labor and sex trafficking) can be lone individuals or extensive criminal networks. Pimps, gangs, family members, labor brokers, employers of domestic servants, small business owners, and large factory owners have all been found guilty of human trafficking. Their common thread is a willingness to exploit other human beings for profit.

I currently know a lady who works downtown in my local city who deals with a lot of cases. I currently reached out to her. I reached out to her to see if she could give me some information regarding sex trafficking. We went to her office, and she showed me all the cases that they had for human trafficking. Human trafficking is something that my local city has brought back up. The news just had a report talking about victims who had suffered from sex trafficking before. They gave them opportunities to talk about what happened and gave them the opportunity to express how they felt about what happened.

I look at the people that are doing this to anyone sick in the head and need to serve jail time because of it. I feel further investigation needs to be done regarding sex trafficking so we won’t keep having all of these unsolved cases. I absolutely hate this and wish they would do something about it. Depending on the human trafficking case will determine the amount of jail time you will get. After reading a article by( Buckley 2017)

Three women were accused of forcing a teenager into prostitution and will not serve any jail time. Instead of jail time, they gave the girls in-home detention and probation to serve for the act of forcing a lady into prostitution to get money. The jury didn’t make these ladies do any jail time because they agreed to a level four felony.


In conclusion, to my human trafficking argument, I just really want this to stop. I don’t like it; I don’t believe in it and want it to come to a complete end. They need to further enforce the law to end it. I think they need to look up cases that are going on now and also look back at later cases that have been going on so they can come up with a reasonable punishment for the traffickers who are putting the individuals through this. I feel they should make the traffickers suffer in jail, or they should put them through this same punishment they made these very innocent people and children and even babies through.

It’s just not fair. It hurts my heart. I wish there was a way I could put a stop to this myself. No one and I mean absolutely no one, deserves this treatment, no matter the case or situation. I call this getting taken advantage of. I have a very big heart and don’t like it. I had bad things happen to me in my childhood days, so I know all about it. I wasn’t a victim of sex trafficking, but I was personally a victim of rape. It’s not the same situation, but it’s still just as bad. I used multiple references throughout my paper. I didn’t include any on a separate paper; I cited a few sources as well. I really hope my paper brings attention to people. Maybe your voice can also be heard to stop human trafficking.


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