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106 Understanding Autism: Causes, Detection & Progress

Autism: Early Detection and Progress Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, is a genetic, developmental disorder that causes issues with social interaction and verbal communication. It can also influence the motor skills and early development of a child. Typically, this disease is noticeable early on in a human’s life. This disease can vary from one person […]

107 Exploring the Complex Relationship between Autism and the Nervous System

Autism Treatment Approaches How is Autism related to the Nervous System? Autism is related to the nervous in many ways. One way is that it triggers emotions like anxiety and social abnormalities. Those aspects are all linked to the nervous system. ( Autism affects the function and structure of the brain and the Nervous system. […]

108 Understanding Autism: Challenges, Communication, and Treatment

Autism’s Communication Challenges What’s it like to grow up in a world where you feel so different from everyone around you? Where do you feel as if you are slower, weirder, and less privileged than everyone else? People all around the world suffer from things that make them feel this way. According to Autism Speaks, […]

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