Exploring the Complex Relationship between Autism and the Nervous System

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Autism Treatment Approaches

How is Autism related to the Nervous System? Autism is related to the nervous in many ways. One way is that it triggers emotions like anxiety and social abnormalities. Those aspects are all linked to the nervous system. (www.sciencedaily.com) Autism affects the function and structure of the brain and the Nervous system. Some of the disabilities are behavioral issues, movement disorders, learning difficulties, and problems with brain functioning. Other disabilities can be intellectual problems and problems with memory. (autism.lovetoknow.com) Autism is related to the nervous system in many different ways. The Nervous system affects some disabilities and emotions. The nervous system also affects memory and a lot of other things. (www.nichd.nih.gov) How does Autism affect the size of the brain? Yes, Autism does affect the size of the brain.

Over 20% of kids with Autism have early brain overgrowth (www.spectrumnews.org). You can start to notice brain overgrowth a few months after birth. Brain overgrowth is due to the head circumference (onlinelibrary.wiley.com). Also, abnormal brain overgrowth usually happens during the first two years with kids with Autism. Most of the brain overgrowth happens in the cerebrum, which is found in the complex surface of the brain that connects to the fibrous contact beneath the brain. Leo Kanner was the first person who made an observation on how Autism affects the size of the brain. Kanner did an experiment with eight boys and three and noticed that most of the kids’ heads were bigger than the normal-sized brains. Later he determined that they had symptoms of Autism. (en.wikipedia.org) 3) How is Autism treated? Autism is treated by first observing the health conditions that the autistic patient has. Some examples could be epilepsy, Gastrointestinal problems, feeding, Sleep disturbances, and Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

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Exploring the Complex Relationship between Autism and the Nervous System
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Twin Autism Susceptibility

This helps with future health problems. (www.autismspeaks.org) (https://www.autismspeaks.org/treatments) Another way to treat Autism is to give autistic patients the option of medication. To take this medication, the patient should always talk to their doctor to make sure the medication is chosen in the form of treatment. Some examples of knowing how to choose the right medication for the autistic patient are comparing the options you have and learning about the medication and side effects. (www.autismspeaks.org)

Another type of treatment for autistic patients is therapy. Some examples of therapy that the autistic patient might use are anger management and behavior therapy. These therapies will help the patient be more ready for the outside world. 4) Is it possible for twins to both have Autism? Yes, twins can both have Autism. From the first known autistic twins born in 1977, scientists have found out that if one twin has Autism, then the other twin is 80% likely to have Autism. Some environmental risks for Autism, such as exposure to a maternal immune response with some problems during childbirth, may cause problems that will change or intensify Autism. (www.spectrumnews.org)

Even if the twins are fraternal, then the fraternal twins will still share Autism. The twins share the same environment. So if the mom were to get sick during her pregnancy, then the autistic twins would also be affected. (www.spectrumnews.org) Sometimes, it can be discordant, which means that one twin has a condition and the other one does. An example would be that one twin has Autism, and the other one does not have Autism. So twins can both have Autism, but sometimes they don’t both have Autism. (iancommunity.org) 5) How can Autism be prevented, and how could Autism be cured? Autism can not be cured, but autistic kids can use take a few treatments to help with their Autism.

Early Interventions and Prevention

This treatment is only available for children under three. The treatment is possible because of the IDEA ( The Individuals with disabilities education act ). (www.webmd.com) The treatment is called Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The treatment is often used in schools and clinics to help the child learn positive behaviors and reduce negative emotions. There is another treatment that is called Developmental, individual differences, relationship-based support (DIR). This treatment helps with the child’s emotional and intellectual growth. Autism can be prevented by not drinking while the person is pregnant. Also, something that can help prevent Autism is having a healthy diet and having regular check-ups. Having good parental care is another way you can prevent Autism.


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