The Impact of Minimum Wage on Workforce Equality and Economic Well-being

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Contrasting Early Childhood Programs and Employment Benefits

Headstart is a free federally funded program for kids from three to five years old; they are not a daycare; they teach preschool. Headstart can offer free medical and dental services for the kids. Head Start is required to serve all kids, no matter race, disability, or wealth. Daycare is not free, and it is a privately run business that takes babies from six weeks to twelve years old and watches them when their parents work. Daycares don’t have to do preschool, and it is an option.

A daycare has to be state-licensed if they have more than six kids. Daycares do not have to serve all kids, and they can choose what kids they want to take or don’t want to take. The benefits of a high-quality daycare, according to CCA or Child Care Advantage, are a “regular schedule and activities, academic advancement, time with peers, interaction with other adults, and a smoother transition to kindergarten.” The benefits of sending your kid to Headstart, according to Benefits Of Headstart, are it “provides children with activities that help them grow mentally, socially, emotionally and physically.

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The Impact of Minimum Wage on Workforce Equality and Economic Well-being
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They learn to solve problems. The children also improve their listening and speaking skills. The children spend time in settings where they form good habits and enjoy playing with toys and working on tasks with classmates.” The Head Start’s lead teacher needs at least a bachelor’s degree and, in some states, a master’s degree, and a daycare worker, need a high school diploma or equivalent to a high school diploma. Daycare workers make nine dollars and forty cents per hour. Head Start teachers make ten to eighteen dollars per hour.

The benefits of working at Macy’s, according to Macy’s Job online website, are “flexible work schedules to fit your life, advanced work schedules, employee discounts, receive on-job training, grow and advance as part of the Macy’s team, being in the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade, get health and retirement benefits.” You can make up to eleven dollars-fifty two cents an hour to nineteen dollars-forty seven cents an hour. Macy’s has a dress code. You have to wear black pants and a black or red jacket.

Perks and Progression

You get a twenty percent employee discount, and Macy’s gives bonuses. You get vacation time, and time pays off. According to,” Macy’s has more than ten billion dollars in revenue, and they have more than ten thousand employees.” According to job, “Macy’s sales associates primarily assist customers. Key responsibilities include greeting patrons, providing product knowledge, directing customers to fitting rooms, and completing transactions on the cash register.

Primary job duties on the cash register include processing payments, applying coupons and promotional codes, issuing receipts, and bagging items upon the conclusion of transactions, stocking racks and shelves, and maintaining a presentable sales environment.” You do not need a high school diploma, and they have on-the-job training. If you are a barista working at Starbucks, you usually make ten to fifteen dollars an hour.

The benefits of working at Starbucks, according to the Starbucks website, are “reward achievement of specific business goals for eligible positions, includes health coverage, income protection, time off, tuition reimbursement, employee assistance programs and more. Future Roast, our 401(k) savings plan, includes Starbucks matching contributions to help you save for the future.” The Starbucks dress code, according to the Starbucks website, is “a range of shirt colors beyond solid black and white are welcome, including gray, navy, dark denim and brown, including patterns.

Behind the Counter and Beyond

Shorts, skirts, dresses, and pants, including dark-wash jeans, are all part of the Starbucks wardrobe, and partners are invited to make a statement with hair color, so long as coloring is permanent or semi-permanent, in keeping with food-safety standards.” Job expectations, according to the job applications website, are “Starbucks baristas perform several job duties and provide customer service. Baristas at Starbucks take orders and make coffee, tea, and other drinks to customer specifications.

Starbucks baristas may also operate cash registers and credit card machines. Baristas may field customer complaints or questions, as well. Baristas at Starbucks also must often clean coffee machines, restaurant areas, restrooms, and preparation areas during a normal shift.” Baristas work to maintain good customer relations and speedy delivery of all beverages as well as complete assigned tasks from management every day. Starbucks employees are not allowed to use their phones during their shifts, and if their supervisor sees them using their phones, they can take them away.

The equipment most baristas use, according to www.crema coffee, is a “coffee tamp, tap mat, barista cloths, milk Jugs, knock Bin/Waste Tube, thermometer, espresso machine cleaner, group head brush, dosing scales, and espresso shot glass.” According to, “There are no specific educational qualifications to become a barista for most employers, though a high school diploma is often preferred or required.

Baristas looking to improve their skills can obtain professional training through school training programs and online barista certification courses.” The job description of a telemarketer, according to the Career Planner website, is “deliver prepared sales talks, reading from scripts that describe products or services, in order to persuade potential customers to purchase a product or service or to make a donation. Contact businesses or private individuals by telephone in order to solicit sales for goods or services or to request donations for charitable causes. Explain products or services and prices, and answer questions from customers.”

Empowering Inclusion

Telemarketers make eight dollars-sixty eight cents per hour. You need a high school diploma or equivalent to a high school diploma. Telemarketing jobs have on-the-job training. According to USA Today, “343,483 more people with disabilities joined the workforce in 2016.” One in five Americans have a disability. According to New York Times, “Hiring people with disabilities is good for business. A recent study has shown, for the first time, that companies that championed people with disabilities actually outperformed others driving profitability and shareholder returns. Revenues were 28 percent higher, net income 200 percent higher, and profit margins 30 percent higher. Companies that improved internal practices for disability inclusion were also four times more likely to see higher total shareholder returns.”

According to, “At nearly 20 percent of the population, people with disabilities are one of the nation’s largest minority groups. Yet the most recent U.S. disability employment statistics show that only 20 percent of people with disabilities are participating in the workforce, compared to 69.1 percent of people without disabilities.”

According to, “People with disabilities are still hired at less than half the rate of those without them and are paid less. People with disabilities make up about 13% of the U.S. population. people with disabilities are paid about $5,000 less per year than people without disabilities, making the poverty rate of those with disabilities more than twice that of people without them.” According to, the pros of raising the minimum wage are “raised living standards for impoverished workers, cause workers income to be above the poverty level, and reduces gender and race-based income inequality.”

According to the cons of raising the minimum wage are “layoffs, price increase, fewer hirings, competition will intensify.” According to “The minimum wage in the United States is no longer a living wage. At $7.25, the federal minimum hasn’t kept up with the cost of living since the late 1960s, and there’s a growing movement among workers, policy analysts, state and city governments, and even some employers, to raise it. “According to, “The minimum wage is meant to be a living wage.

Exploring Diverse Pathways

In 1933, five years before the first minimum wage became law, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said: “By living wages, I mean more than a bare subsistence level. I mean the wages of decent living.” According to, “Vocational Rehabilitation (V.R.) is a state-federal program whose goal is to assist people with disabilities prepare for, secure, retain or regain employment. Pre-employment transition services provide opportunities for students with disabilities to learn through work and education.

Pre-employment Transition Services include job exploration, work-based learning opportunities, workplace readiness training, and instruction in self-advocacy.” According to, these job interview tips will help you when you go for a job interview, “research the industry and company, clarify your selling points and the reasons you want the job, anticipate the interviewer’s concerns and reservations, prepare for common interview questions, line up your questions for the interviewer, and practice.” According to www., “Job Corps is the largest free residential education and job training program for young adults ages sixteen to twenty-four.

At Job Corps, students have access to room and board while they learn skills in specific training areas for up to three years. Job Corps also provides transitional support services, such as help finding employment, housing, child care, and transportation. “College is not for everyone, and that is ok; there are alternatives to college, so don’t feel pressured to go to college. According to, “the alternatives to college is a community college, apprenticeship, trade school, and coding boot camps.” You can always join the workforce until you know what you want to do or until you save enough money to go to college.

According to the job duties of an Apple Bee’s Host are “meeting, greeting, and seating guests, taking and making reservations, and answering questions about menu items and other general inquiries. Other specific hosting job duties may include assisting management with administrative tasks and setting tables for guests.” The abilities and personalities you need to be an Applebee’s Host, according to “excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a fast-paced setting. Personable personalities and friendly attitudes also prove beneficial. Applebee’s hosts must dress professionally, smile often, and look presentable.” According to, “Apple Bee’s Host start out at an hourly wage of $2.00 with experience; some Applebee’s hosts may make up to $12.00 an hour, depending on location.

Navigating Challenges and Advocating for Change

The average pay rate is $6.71 per hour, along with tips.” According to, “Apple Bee’s Hostess are only allowed to wear black clothes and no facial piercings.” According to the Apple Bee’s Handbook, “employees may not use or carry a cell phone while on the clock.” You need a high school diploma or equivalent to a high school diploma for education. Apple Bee has on-the-job training. According to, “Hosts and hostesses are the fourth lowest paid job in America.”

According to, you can live on a minimum wage if you follow these steps” create a budget that prioritizes needs, avoid debt, build an emergency fund, eat at home, cut the cost of groceries, keep down the cost of utilities, sell what you don’t need, and buy used rather than new.” According to it is illegal to ask a candidate for a job interview questions about “age, race, ethnicity, color, gender, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity, country of origin, birthplace, religion, disability, marital status, family status, health problems, and pregnancy.” According to “in 2014 several prominent politicians made an unusual choice, for one week they all voluntarily try to live on just seven dollars and twenty-five cents an hour, the federal minimum wage. They were taking the Live the Wage Challenge.

This challenge was part of a campaign to raise the federal minimum wage, which hasn’t increased since 2009.” The goal was to show people firsthand how difficult it is to live on seven dollars and twenty-five cents an hour and encourage them to support the wage hike. Most politicians who took the Live the Wage Challenge couldn’t manage to make it through the whole week. My conclusion from all the research I have done is that the minimum wage is not a livable wage, and we need to make it a livable wage so that people can survive and not work themselves to death just so that they can get by.

We also need to hire more people with disabilities because they are human and just as valuable and able to work too, We also need to give them equal pay. People with disabilities need to advocate for themselves and not just in the workforce but in other areas of life as well. If we hire more people with disabilities, then we will make our economy better. I think more wealthy, powerful people need to take the Live the Wage challenge so that they can see firsthand how many people struggle to just get by.


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