Promoting Social Justice Through Fair Trade and Worker’s Rights

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Fostering Equity Through Fair Trade Principles

Trade is the best way to seek equality for all workers in sweatshops and to respect the worker’s rights by giving them fair working environments. To me, this means that business owners should treat all their workers fairly and justly. They can show all workers fairness by giving them just wages, safe working environments, and breaks when needed. There are five basic principles dealing with worker’s rights. The few that stuck out to me were, “fair trade helps the most economically disadvantaged people in developing countries.”

Another one of the five principles that stuck out to me is “products will be made in a way that is environmentally sustainable.” Fairtrade cotton is a good way to get people talking and buying more fair trade. The more people talk and encourage fair trading businesses, the more it will be a norm that people and society will follow. Fair trade not only focuses on the individual worker’s rights but also shows to the public what the fashion industry companies could be if they encourage fairness and demonstrate working conditions that are at the forefront of how goods are being made and processed.

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Promoting Social Justice Through Fair Trade and Worker's Rights
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Empowering Change Through Consumer Support

Not enough people are buying fair trade goods, and that’s a major problem. People tend to buy what is cheap and easy. Fairtrade is typically more expensive, so others shy away from it. What we should do is maybe get involved to support local efforts, for example, Just Creations. Just Creations is a fair trade business that is trying to speak out for the social injustices that are still taking place in developing countries. By making an effort to support small businesses, we are helping to take part in the social justice that others are trying to embed into the structures of society.

I feel very strongly about this social justice because it is very important to me that the workers are treated equally. Most of the workers are trying to find jobs, and they cannot afford to lose the jobs they are being forced to work in with the harsh working conditions related to the sweatshops. It Is important to me that we speak up and be their voice because a lot of them feel as if they don’t have their own opinion because of how cruelly they are being treated. They are making a huge impact on our lives by making our clothes. We should help impact their lives by getting them into safer working environments, and we should be fighting for them to get the fair wages they deserve.


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