Championing Equality: Addressing Ongoing Challenges in Women’s Rights

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Gender Disparities in the Women’s Workplace

The problem that I am discussing or bringing to attention is Women’s Rights. Guys may think they are physically and mentally better than women, which is opinionable. Some girls are stronger in many ways than guys, but also the other way around. Some females prove their point to get it across so others understand. Guys still think they are better when they know they aren’t. For example, job-wise, guys get paid more. Women get treated differently at work because either the people working there don’t care for women or don’t believe in equal pay.

Still, to this day, some ignore the fact that males are idiots. I saw this episode of 9-1-1 where the one African American woman was the only female there, and everyone was treating her horribly and everything she did right. They didn’t want to admit that she did it right, so they blamed her for everything bad they did. I emotionally thought that was wrong.

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Championing Equality: Addressing Ongoing Challenges in Women's Rights
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Navigating Women’s Stereotype Challenges

Other ways are like in a household way, for example, when guys don’t believe a “single” mother can support her child alone. They don’t think that they are reliable in any way possible. Little do they know I know that any woman can do it on her own, and any woman can get or receive help if they really need it. Women are the future, for sure. I’m not going to lie. Some people use sexism as an excuse when they do something wrong. Here in the US, it’s a very big deal. It has been and still probably is a huge deal to everyone everywhere.

I’m not saying that women are better because some males are pretty good and don’t deserve the hate and rudeness. I’m saying there should just be equal rights and not be so difficult with sexism. But to differ, there is a lot of sexism around, and think of women differently. Some Males take advantage of women in multiple ways. Guys look at what the girls wear and just assume otherwise, but that’s just not true. Girls can freely wear whatever they want to.

Challenges to Women’s Rights: Persistent Issues of Harassment and Injustice

This was a political and environmental problem in the past and still to this day. Very important males who are very well known around the world have gotten away with the big things they do. For example, males who are in charge of the unparticular job that a female is working at may try to take advantage of the women there. If the women need or want a higher place in the job, they will go to the higher head person. Of course, it will be a male, but he will try to use her if she wants a bigger job. I’m not saying that it always happens, but it is very close to them all.

The female would be sexually assaulted or harassed, and she would either quit and ignore it, keep her job and ignore it, but the other option she would do is report it. You would think that right away, the male would quickly get locked up, but no. The guy would deny it, and they would need proof, but they wouldn’t. have any. He would be set free and not have anything happen to him. In some cases, it would happen as he does get caught.

Upholding Women’s Rights Amid Harassment

Women daily get assaulted or harassed by the most random people ever. Other guys say that women have this happen to them because of the things they wear. That is very FALSE!!!! Women can wear whatever they want and shouldn’t get put down on that. This was recent news in the article “Why Do People Blame Sexual Harassment on Women’s Outfits.” A female said she now doesn’t feel comfortable wearing a pencil skirt to work. This is what she said, “I don’t know if this can be categorized as sexual harassment as I didn’t feel comfortable with it,” she wrote, “but I found myself crying in the office toilet, realizing that I can’t even wear pencil skirt without comments from guys and glowering from girls.” This is not right in any way, especially females doing the same.

Talking bad about her is very sad. Every female should help each other out no matter the problem being or is facing. Also included in the article stated, So, it’s not too surprising that some women who are victims of harassment or other types of sex crimes second-guess their clothing, or in Sari’s case: “Little did I know that the skirt would somehow bring me trouble.” To add to that, to this day, this problem still happens, there was this one about a woman getting raped, and they were checking her, but they saw that she was wearing a thong.

They said that she wore them, so she wanted them, but no, that is not the case. Women can wear whatever they want under their clothes. It does not mean to use them for anything. The male couldn’t have seen her underwear from her just walking, so he is just considered a predator. But what they did was to blame the women.

Championing Women’s Rights and Equality

The moral of this is that women get different treatment from men because of their gender. Not that women did something or anything to deserve how they get treated in this world. It’s not helping that, in my opinion, our president is like that against women. It’s not helping that some women don’t feel comfortable talking about any of that. I get it they are scared or scarred from what happened. Women should not be blamed for what has happened to them. It’s just wrong.

To conclude all this information, women are going to be the future now because they are the misfortunate people. Women are the reason half of the people are happy because males can’t get pregnant, so that’s when the women come into the story. All I’m here to say Is that we need to respect each other for equal rights.


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