World War II: Balancing Advantages and Negative Impacts

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World War 2 was fought between the Allied powers and Axis power in the year 1939 to 1945 (A&E Television Network, 2018). Germany invaded Poland on 1st September 1939 (History plex. 2018). Britain and France, who promised military support to Poland asked Germany to withdraw their armies from Poland, but Germany turned a deaf ear, so Britain and France declared war against Germany and eventually World War 2 had begun (History Plex, 2018). World War 2 is considered a good war to have fought because of its many advantages. New technologies were developed noted are rocket technology, nuclear energy, jet engines, and new medicines (Altman, P., 2015). It was after the war that stronger peace-maintaining bodies Were formed and worked to promote peace and strengthen the relations of different countries.


Advantages and Technological Progress

European colonialism came to an end. The war provided opportunities for women to work beyond housewives; while men were out fighting the war, the vacuums in the industrial sector were filled by women (Kid Port., 2012). This made women Independent even after the war ended. Since World War 2 took the lives of millions of civilians, there are critics of the good war fought. World War 2 has negative impacts on the social, economic, and political systems of the countries.

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World War II: Balancing Advantages and Negative Impacts
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Human Tragedy and Negative Consequences

World War 2 has huge social impacts. World War 2 can never be a good war fought as; it took 80 million of civilian lives (Altman, P., 2014). Hitlers concentration camps And the holocaust took 6 million Jews’ lives. (Kid Port, 2012). War fought was never a good one as the victory of the Russians was celebrated with the gang raps of millions of German women (Geoffrey, W., 2014). The bombing and the nuclear Power destroyed millions of homes, leaving people homeless, hungry, and cold on the streets.

As a result of this, many civilians died from various diseases and malnutrition. War was not a good one as, across countries, entire cities were ruined, landscapes were ravaged, and millions of citizens were left homeless. Institutions such as police, transport, and national government were ineffective as a result; crime rates were high, and the defeated countries were treated as puppets by victorious countries. The war also had a mental effect on people; the survivors of the wars were left with grief and longing for their lost ones. So, the war was definitely not a good one to have happened.

World War has an economic impact. The war resulted in an employment crisis as soldiers who returned from war had no jobs. World War 2 will never be a good war fought as; the countries had to bear the huge expenditure of constructing the things which were destroyed during the war, and bringing back stability in the economic and political system took way too many years.

The war had a negative impact on the political relations of the countries. The allied powers which had control over Europe now fought among themselves over the rule of these countries. The ill-treatment of Germans further resulted in hatred for allied countries. The use of atomic bombs by the US resulted in other countries spending on nuclear weapons in order to protect their nations.


To conclude, World War Two is considered a good war, but there will always be critiques of this phrase. World War 2 has caused major destruction to the world, humanity, and economies. World War 2 took as many as 8o million lives. On the other hand, World War 2 can be viewed as a good war because European colonialism ended after the war.

People learned that in order to prevent future wars and promote peace, they should develop good relations with other countries and work towards mutually benefiting each other. War also resulted in the formation of stronger bodies, such
as the United Nations. However, World War 2 also laid the stage for the cold war, which was later fought between USA and Soviet Union (Star and Stripes, 2018). Therefore, World War 2 had a more negative impact on the social, economic, and political systems of the countries.


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