922A WOAC Evolution: Integrating Army Values

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922A WOAC Evolution: Integrating Army Values

Previous 922A Warrant Officer Advance Courses (WOAC) carried a reputation of being a repetitive course, useless, and a waste of time. Consequently, from what was being said, there was no sense of urgency for me to attend the course when the majority of what was being said about the course was negative.

Roughly around 2016, there were rumors of the improvements that were made to the 922A WOAC. The frequency and amount of talk lured me into taking the course at the earliest offered date. Also, by this time, attending had become a priority due to promotion implications. Dialog between fellow 922A peers and seniors regarding the related changes made to the WOAC elevated my need to continue my Professional Military Education (PME).

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922A WOAC Evolution: Integrating Army Values
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Army Values in Practice: Deepening Food Advisor Expertise

The rumored conversations that were gained from the course were not inclusive of just how the material was being taught but also the expansion of course material with a better understanding of the position of the Food Advisor. The addition to the course included the breakdown of Staff Roles. Adding the need to know the roles of other components, along with the gratitude of completing a class project relevant to what is actually being experienced in the field, elevated my need to learn more.

One aspect that I believe is a must in our course of study is learning how to interpret contracts and obtaining some form of credentials. An important part of our job as we venture into self-growth and being that knowledgeable subject matter expert in our mos is contracting. Working with contractors, whether it’s building improvements or supervising installation hired contracted staff, is an everyday occurrence when working in our field. Offering classes from Associated General Contractors of America’s Supervisory Training Program(STP) is a great tool that could help. STP is a construction-specific training curriculum developed, updated, and field-tested by and for contractors. It is endorsed by Technology, Entertainment, and Design, better known as TED.

The courses help develop our Supervisory skills — or the lack of the tools that directly affect productivity. As a 922A, we work as a Contracting Officer Representative and/or the Contracting Officer Technical Representative. It is a requirement to inspect full food service contract dining facilities and to ensure they are in compliance with the terms of the contract. Serving as a 922A, I have seen that most in our field have very little knowledge in this realm.

Adding this into the curriculum would be a plus for garrison and forward operations. The courses, as explained on the website, “will focus on the knowledge and skills that every supervisor must have to be an effective manager of people, time, equipment and materials,” for us, a force multiplier and actually may save the government money. In other words, gaining proper knowledge and civilian credentialing will force proper interaction with our counterparts (contractors), ensure logical facility improvements, gain an understanding of how to renegotiate terms of established contracts, and teach us how to acquire funding for facility improvements.

Army Values in Strategy: Refining Decision-Making

Developing as a 922A, We are a member of a General Officers Staff. They expect us to be thorough, concise, and transparent when presenting the Course of Action. Teaching us as Warrants how to use the Military Decision-Making Process should be factored into our modules. Decision-making is both a science and an art. Many aspects of military operations — movement rates affect the field feeding and distribution of rations, and our role as class I/subsistence managers is a priority when dissecting the science of war. Other aspects of how we feed and who is being fed could severely affect the complexity of operations and uncertainty regarding enemy intentions, hence the art of war.

Army Values in Leadership: Preparing Warrant Officers for Staff Roles

Mindful of upcoming opportunities to serve on staff at the Division level or higher, it will be anticipated for fellow Warrant Officers and myself to perform parallel to where the “generalists” are performing. We are expected to work among field grade officers who have spent a considerable amount of training during PME. This gives them an advantage in their position, allowing them to succeed better in fulfilling higher echelon expectations. The Warrant Officer, on the other hand, is expected to rely on lessons learned through experience and various adventures through training. The improvements to the 922A Advance Course will help close the gap in preparing 922A’s for staff positions.

I am thankful that the 922A WOAC took into consideration a revamping of the course. Requesting ways to improve ensures that for us, as warrants, we are greater advisors. Developing our training and enhancing the programs brings a huge change in terms of knowledge, attitudes, and behavior of warrants. Pushing growth and education for us will not only keep us familiar with what is expected and how we need to enhance our skills and abilities, but it is also a way to complete the entire organization’s development, effectiveness, and efficiency in a desired manner.


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