Battling Air Pollution for a Sustainable Future: A Call to Action

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Imagine: you step outside, only to see the air filled with toxic gases and fumes, fog everywhere, oils dumped wherever you step, and trash flying around you. These are only a few of the things that animals have to go through because of us. Not only does it affect animals, but it affects humans and plants as well. It is scientifically proven that if we keep treating Earth how we do, mankind will end up going extinct by 2100. That’s only eighty-two more years until we are extinct!

Types and Causes of Pollution

Pollution is caused by a number of reasons. Because of the addition of unwanted chemicals to the soil, soil pollution is at a very high rate. Uses of pesticides and insecticides absorb nitrogen compounds from the soil, which makes the soil unfit for plants to get nutrition. Human waste is also a major cause of soil pollution. Although human waste goes through sewers, our waste eventually ends up in the soil, which contaminates the soil, making it unfit for plants. When the soil is unfit for the plants, the plants are unable to hold the soil, causing soil erosion.

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Battling Air Pollution for a Sustainable Future: A Call to Action
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One of the most dangerous and common types of pollution is air pollution. Air pollution is caused by chemical substances being released into the air. Some of our daily activities, like driving or burning wood, end up releasing a gas called sulfur dioxide into the air, making the air toxic to breathe in. This can damage many animals’ habitats, leaving them to starve and/or have nowhere to live. Releasing these toxins into the air causes global warming and acid rain, which raises temperatures worldwide.

Almost 60% of species live in water, but sadly, water pollution is decreasing this number. Many industrial wastes are dumped into rivers and other bodies of water. This causes an imbalance in the water, which then causes many animals that live in water to be born with birth defects or die because of poor conditions. Oil spills have also harmed aquatic animals. These oil spills have caused irreversible damage to the water. When spraying pesticides on plants, they pollute the groundwater system, which can kill many plants.


When it comes down to it, humans are the main cause of pollution. But we can still make a difference to clean up our act. Picking up trash you find on the ground, recycling, and not using insecticides or pesticides are all ways to prevent pollution near you. Even just one plastic bottle being picked up can make a difference in the future. If we want our future generations to have a healthy environment to live in, we need to start now!


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