Combat Sexual Harassment: The Me-Too Movement and the Future of Title IX

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In recent years, sexual harassment victims are coming out more and more each day. Enough is enough. Women have been trained that sexual harassment or anything sexual or abusive is part of being a woman. Being treated this way is simply something we shall live with and accept and push through to go on with as a part of life. Sexual  Harassment in the workplace, in public and private, should be against the law and not be tolerated. Sexual Harassment is “unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature” (State. gov,2018). Sexual Harassment can happen to anybody: children, young adults, the elderly., It’s not limited to women alone.

“Title IX is a specific component of the Education Amendments of 1972. This act says that no person in the United States shall be excluded from participating in, subjected to discrimination, or be denied the benefits of any education program or activity that receives financial assistance from the government on the basis of sex” (Vittana,2018)

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Combat Sexual Harassment: The Me-Too Movement and the Future of Title IX
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Title IX rulings have covered “sexual violence, harassment, and even athletics access since it was passed” (Vittana,2018). This act has opened the door to more educational opportunities for women. Before, opportunities were granted to men, such as athletics. The educational amendments created more access for women to equal opportunities in school and the workplace. With this, the creation of expanding knowledge on campuses created the most influential recruitment. For example, Florida International University offers a sexual assault prevention training program (Student et al.,2018). Not only did this act create greater access for young women and children, but it helped men gain access, too.

The” Me Too Movement, The Silent Breakers” related a space for high-end celebrities and the most influential people around the globe to talk about the unthinkable, the ignored, and inequality between men and women. A USA Today examination provided that 2,000 bills passed within 24 months since allegations of sexual HarassmentHarassment arose. Two hundred sixty-one laws passed, and elected officials directly addressed topics championed by the movement that Title IX lacked. Taking a look at Title IX and the Me Too movement is crucial. Even though the Department of State, Diplomacy in Action is committed to sexual harassment policies, many of the victims are encouraged to report the unwelcome conduct, but nothing is “easier said and done,” which results in many coming forth now with allegations. There are many cons with Title IX; programs were cut instead of increasing access in some instances.

Schools have faced a choice: losing funding or creating equal opportunities. Many schools felt that creating access required too much money, so they cut programs and scholarships instead of expanding. Money is still not allocated to educational institutions. If many people go through school before hitting adult life, sexual education is important. Suppose many individuals are not getting the right school on how to treat one another and act according to how young men or women expect what’s right and wrong. Certain behaviors can be stopped with the right encouragement because of years of dismissing the idea that acting and pursuing a potential companion friend or more can be done without forceful actions.

“Statistics show that 1 out of 4 women experiences sexual HarassmentHarassment and violence. These rates are higher than before Title IX… instead of having men and women be separated, they are together more often, and schools have struggled to put in structures that provide an adequate level of protection” (Vittana,2018).”


The destruction of Title IX is much needed. The inspiration and influential meaning of the Me-Too Movement should be highly suggested, including renaming the policy to” Me Too Sexual Harassment Policy” Problem that has no name” Funds should be allocated to preserve educational movements, programs, and conferences to raise awareness about what is happening not only in the United States but all over the world. This isn’t something that has sprung up overnight, but it was simmering for years, decades, and centuries.


The Me-Too Sexual Harassment Policy, if implanted correctly, can many cases and victims can come to an understanding and reduce trouble in their daily lives. The U.S. Department of State, Diplomacy in Action, must be responsible for the implantation and creation of details of the policy in a “regulation” (Quora,2018). From regulation, it should be published in the Federal Register and open for a comment period during which anybody can provide feedback to the agency. Fines should be established depending on how severe the HarassmentHarassment takes. For example, verbal should be a certain amount, and enrolling in a course to recognize the wrongdoings of these actions.


The agency creates policies and procedures, manuals, rules, forms, systems training, and guidelines that employees would need to perform for the policy. The U.S. Department of State does recommend mediation. Grievances and EEO processes and Processes for Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs). More programs should be developed for victims and suspects. These programs include therapy, rehab for substance abuse, and educational certificate programs.

Many suspects are victims of their own story; many perform what they know. Unfortunately, these persons didn’t get the proper information and guides to stop certain actions. If treated properly, many sexual harassment cases can be put to a stop. The purpose of the Me-too Sexual Harassment Policy is to create a space for victims and uphold crime against human rights in life; this can be the future of generating a carefree world of expression through clothing, voice, and ethnicity.


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