Cryptocurrency Channels: Navigating Digital Currency on YouTube

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As cryptocurrency markets can often be volatile, it is essential to keep yourself informed. There are hundreds of websites and probably thousands of articles intended to keep you updated, but what if reading isn’t your strong suit? If that’s the case, YouTube might be the best platform for you to stay updated. Video can be a very successful medium for delivering cryptocurrency news, market strategies, and tools in an entertaining manner. If scrolling through countless websites and articles is starting to make your fingers tired, head over to YouTube and take a look at some of these cryptocurrency channels.

Data Dash

Data Dash is no fluff and pure business. Headed by cryptocurrency trader Nicholas Merten, Data Dash covers all things cryptocurrencies. His Daily Update videos are uploaded every other day, and they cover how various events throughout the week have affected cryptocurrency markets. Dash Cast is similar to a YouTube podcast in which Merten speaks with cryptocurrency experts to get their input on the history of cryptocurrencies, current markets, and where they think they will go in the future. There are over 400 videos, all of which can be used to learn about market trends and get updated on all cryptocurrency news.

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Cryptocurrency Channels: Navigating Digital Currency on YouTube
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Crypto Daily

If you do not have the time to watch Data Dash videos, as they usually hover around 30 minutes to an hour in length, or you just find them a bit dry, Crypto Daily is the channel for you. Crypto Daily features over 300 videos, ranging from news, insights, memes, and even music videos. Videos are uploaded about three or four times a week and usually average around eight minutes in length. Crypto Daily is a late-night talk show about cryptocurrency, successfully blending news and comedy so you don’t fall asleep while you watch.


Superman is the best channel to go to for reviews. Its host, Michael Suppo, offers a highly-rated course on Udemy, so he definitely knows his stuff. Suppo not only reviews the newest and most popular cryptocurrencies on the market but initial coin offerings (ICOs) as well. He currently has over 390 videos on his channel, which can be used to learn by both new and experienced cryptocurrency investors alike.

Chris Dunn TV

Chris Dunn covers all aspects of investing, not only cryptocurrencies themselves. So, if you’re looking to diversify your portfolio, Chris Dunn TV is the channel to watch. He covers news, investment strategies, cryptocurrency market insights, and much more through his list of over 190 videos. His “Bitcoin Basics” series can be especially helpful for those just getting into cryptocurrencies. Although videos are released every few weeks, each has new information worthy of any cryptocurrency investor’s time.

Box Mining

Box Mining, with over 430 cryptocurrency videos, is the second most extensive channel on this list. Its host, Michael Gu, can be considered a cryptocurrency influencer, as he not only has a YouTube channel but a website, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook all dedicated to cryptocurrencies. Box Mining covers cryptocurrency news, trends, and strategies and also covers various cryptocurrency conferences.

Doug Polk Crypto

In terms of uploads, out of all the channels on this list, Doug Polk Crypto is probably the most sporadic. Videos are uploaded every few months, but each new video is well worth the wait. Polk’s videos are a perfect blend of quality and comedy. You could consider Doug Polk to be the bad boy of cryptocurrency news. He calls cryptocurrency influencers out when he believes they are wrong. Although comedic, Doug Polk’s Crypto is valuable in that it can help newer investors learn the signs of a cryptocurrency scam.

Cryptocurrency News

If you eat, drink, and breathe cryptocurrency, this channel is for you. It’s a bit dry, but it covers almost every aspect of multiple cryptocurrencies, such as news, updates, and trends. With an astounding 991 videos, with a new one, sometimes even multiple, uploaded daily, this channel will leave you wondering if its host ever leaves his computer.


Crypt0 can be considered the CNN of cryptocurrency. Hosted by Omar Bham, Crypt0 blends talk show and news show. Bham receives no money from ICOs nor any promotional material for crypto tokens, so you know that he can offer his own unbiased opinion on the newest trends.

Which One is Right For You?

All of the channels on this list can be valuable for cryptocurrency investors. If you don’t have the time to sit at a computer scrolling through articles all day, these channels are often a good alternative as they take all the current news and compact it into one video. Do you like staying updated but can’t stay awake long enough to make it through an article? These channels can be both comedic and informative, keeping you equipped with the information necessary to stay at the top of the cryptocurrency market.


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