“Edward Scissorhands” Movie Review: Paradox of Rebellion and Conformity

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Introduction: Challenging Conformity and Embracing Rebellion

In a town of people conforming to the social norms, Tim Burton uses the outcast Edward Scissorhands to reveal the value that can be found in rebellion. Edward was created by an inventor, unlike everyone else in this world. The inventor’s cookie-cutting method to make new objects leads him to create something greater, Edward. His synthetic son is his new companion, whom he teaches as if Edward were his own son. Unfortunately, with the sudden death of the inventor, Edward is left unfinished, left alone in a society where he does not belong. When

The Creation and Isolation of Edward: A Synthesis of Uniqueness

Edward is discovered by Peg, the neighborhood Avon Lady, his world is turned upside down. He instantly goes from living in complete isolation and feeling lonely to being the superstar of the neighborhood with attention from every housewife on the block.

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"Edward Scissorhands" Movie Review: Paradox of Rebellion and Conformity
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From Isolation to Stardom: The Arrival of Edward in Suburbia

The people of suburbia are immediately attracted to Edward’s white scarred face, dark leather clothing, and long blades in the place of hands. Edward’s hands are idolized through his incredible shrub trimmings, dog grooming skills, and willingness to aid the women in any way possible. Although he is adored by many, he is the topic of laughter and ridicule by skeptics. Edward’s lack of social skills does not hold him back from depicting emotions of hurt and frustration towards those who look down on him. Edward attempts to become part of this uniform town, but he is pushed away due to his inability to conform.

Edward finds himself accidentally hurting others, as well as hopelessly falling for Peg’s daughter, Kim. This just took a turn for the worse. Edward, who was once a superhero in this town, is now the neighborhood’s biggest fear. Edward is not alone nor the only outcast. Peg and Kim do not give up on him, even when the entire neighborhood does. Edward’s misunderstood gentleness and helpful intentions are overcast when he is accused of burglary. The town manages to force Edward back to his castle to live in isolation where he belongs. In a neighborhood of people who are unaware of abnormality, their instincts lead them to accusations and feelings of fear

Conclusion: Unveiling Society’s Flaws through Edward’s Tale

Edward’s intentions are nothing but sincere, yet his outward appearance and unwavering naivety set him apart from everyone else, leading him to be taken advantage of or be seen as abrasive. Through Johnny Depp’s character as Edward, he exhibits how an innocent human can become easily mistaken and unwanted simply for being different. Through Burton’s film, he accurately depicts how rebellion can become just as harmful as conformity in an unhealthy culture. Civilization’s quick judgment and ability to destroy innocence is displayed through the neighborhood’s sudden turn on Edward.


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