Exploring Immigration: A Focus on DACA and Its Implications

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Historical Context: Native Americans and Early Settlers

Let’s start by saying that we are all immigrants; the only exception would have to be the Native Americans. Native Americans were the first to get to America; exactly how they got to America is still a mystery. Settlers began to claim Indian land; some Indians resisted and fought back, while others didn’t.In the late 1800’s, the US Government forced Indians to leave their homelands and move to reservations. Now, let’s ask ourselves what is really the definition of Immigration. The definition of Immigration is the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. Settlers are obviously Immigrants.

Obama’s Legacy: DACA and the Dream Act

Now, let’s press fast forward! Perhaps in 2008, Barack Obama became the number 44 president of the United States. He was the first African-American president in all history, and he immediately took action by creating DACA. DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. In small words, it allows individuals who were brought illegally to the United States a permit to work & not face deportation. Another example would be the DREAMers, which stands for Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors, the Dream Act. Giving undocumented students a voice in getting an education.

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Exploring Immigration: A Focus on DACA and Its Implications
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Immigrants’ Contributions: Education, Economy, and Crime Rates

Immigrants come to the US with a purpose; that purpose is employment and a great education for their children. Trying to provide their children with an education that the parent was not able to have. Parents were not given that opportunity due to financial problems and were made to work at a young age to provide for the needs that they had. Why deport a human who wants the same American dream as any other human? America is known as a place full of opportunities; Immigrants are willing to risk being successful or completely failing. Now, if America didn’t want immigrants here, why are taxes still being taken? So the US Government gets benefits, which is good for them, don’t get me wrong, but shouldn’t immigrants get at least security of staying? It would be a win-win situation. Immigrants get the security of staying while the Gov gets benefits and treats them as any other American.

Criminals are everywhere; I did some research to see if there are more Americans or Immigrants making bad decisions that lead them to become known as criminals. The article informed me that Americans are more likely to commit crimes than immigrants,’ I think we all agree that people that commit violent crimes ought to be deported. But going after the undocumented is not a crime strategy; when you look at the fact that the National Academy of Sciences in, I think it was November of 2015, the undocumented immigrants commit fewer crimes than the native-born. That’s just a fact.’ – Said Villaraigos on July 31, 2017. Let’s see the level of education; a graph showed that more undocumented students had a higher GPA than 3.0 than the national rate; that’s right, undocumented students are doing better than documented students! Now let’s fast forward to today; Donald John Trump, who was born June 14, 1946, is the 45th and current president of the US since January 20, 2017.

The Contemporary Debate: Trump’s Wall and the Complexities of Immigration

He now wants to build a wall to keep all immigrants out and wants Mexico to pay for this so-called “Wall,” so why doesn’t everyone in America leave? The only people who should stay are the Native Americans since we want to keep all immigrants out. America does need immigrants for the economy; immigrants are more likely to start their own businesses. Immigration will always be a huge debate, and everyone will have their own opinion, which is understandable. Each head has its own thoughts; I assure you that this reading gave you a whole different perspective on Immigration.

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