Exploring the Complexities of Illegal Immigration in the U.S.

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The Economic Burden of Illegal Immigration: A Deeper Dive

Immigration is key for a society to continue building and growing, but while most immigrants settle down legally, some choose to abuse the system or ignore it completely without any regard for the people’s lives they affect. Illegal immigration has affected the U.S. completely by increasing citizens’ tax burden. While we pay for their emergency medical care, the education for younger ones, and the incarceration of illegal immigrants, they have no responsibility to contribute like the citizens who call America home. Instead, they see the use as a never-ending handout. America is the land of the brave and home of the free, but that doesn’t go without saying that we have laws in order to maintain peace. We don’t lock our doors at night because we hate the people outside. We just want to know who it is exactly coming into our home.

Identity Theft and Fraud: The Hidden Cost of Open Borders

Legal documents are crucial and personal, but most don’t understand that when an illegal immigrant gets into a position of these documents, they do so illegally and choose to commit yet another crime: identity theft, identity fraud, and social security fraud. By opening our borders, immigrants on visas abuse our system after they have expired and completely ignore/regard our laws after moving into our borders. Immigration could become an even more serious problem in the U.S. if the government does not produce stricter laws. The government must restrict immigration laws in order to prevent the overpopulation of the United States. Immigration has been affecting America’s population for over two hundred years.

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Exploring the Complexities of Illegal Immigration in the U.S.
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Tax is a burden every citizen is faced with, but because of illegal immigrants, legal and hard-working people are forced to pay for the well-being of a criminal who has shown they have no respect for our laws that play a crucial part in maintaining the peace inside our borders. We as a nation share different views from our surrounding countries and understand that some people not born here still share our values and respect our nation and want to join our ever-growing family. While the majority comes here legally, the problem is the ones who don’t. They mock our laws that keep our safe foundation standing tall. One of our key roles in society is maintaining the laws, and all citizens are trusted to follow these laws. As of 2014, it was estimated that about 3.5%-3.8% of the U.S. population was illegal immigrants.

Illegal Immigration’s $116 Billion Toll on US Taxpayers and Wages

Reports from Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on the United States Taxpayers put the total cost of illegal immigration at $135 billion a year while stating illegal immigrants paid only $19 billion a year in taxes. That leaves a net cost to local, state, and federal governments of $116 billion a year. What should be concerning is that that is only a small percentage, and the toll it takes on the American citizens is an insult. A recent Politico magazine article states, “When the supply of workers goes up, the price that firms have to pay to hire workers goes down.”

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that proves illegal immigration affects the local community. The article later goes on to state, “Both low- and high-skilled natives are affected by the influx of immigrants. But because a disproportionate percentage of immigrants have few skills, it is low-skilled American workers, including many blacks and Hispanics, who have suffered most from this wage dip”. Not only are wages being cut to attract illegal immigrants looking for work, but complete funding for illegal immigrants’ children is taking its toll.

Education Costs: Who Pays for Children of Illegal Immigrants?

No one can deny that increasing numbers of children of illegal immigrants attend public schools in the United States and that U.S. taxpayers pay the costs. Academics is another right illegal immigrants seek, but with a catch: they don’t want to pay for it. In an article from A.J.C. on educating illegal immigrants, they state, “The U.S. Census Bureau just released 2008 figures showing the national average total per-pupil funding from all revenue sources was $12,028. Therefore, if one multiplies $12,028 by the roughly 3.7 million students with illegal-immigrant parents, then one gets a national total funding cost of $44.5 billion.” An unimaginable fee that’s added to every citizen’s tax bill every year.

It’s one thing to have equal opportunity, but to not have to work to pursue an education is a sinful way to live. To constantly take from the people who work hardest for what they make and to take advantage of what we have to offer. Those sympathetic to illegal immigration tend to remain silent about these costs, while illegal immigration opponents often fall short on specifics. Meanwhile, in the classroom, the children of illegal residents may require more of the teacher’s time to learn English and become familiar with the educational system.

Voting Rights: The Impact of Illegal Immigration on Democracy

In recent studies, six states account for 59% of unauthorized immigration. The issue in question is about giving all immigrants, legal and illegal, the right to vote or even the right to have a driver’s license. All six states, maybe more, would be dramatically affected. As a result, elections would be swayed, and the increase in drivers on the roads can also take its toll. Our elections are very vulnerable to no citizens voting fraud. As stated in Noncitizen Voting Violation and U.S. elections, “Despite the fact that it is a crime for aliens to vote in federal elections, noncitizen and illegal aliens are counted when apportioning congressional districts. This means that areas with large numbers of illegal alien residents gain additional representatives in Congress.”

As a result of illegal immigrants forcing their way past our borders, legal immigrants have been given a degrading reputation. The rights we are given in the United States is a privilege, and legal immigrants and citizen are aware that we must uphold our laws, and when we don’t, our rights can be taken away.

The Decade-Long Dilemma: Why Some Immigrants Avoid Legalization

A rising share of illegal immigrants have lived in the U.S.. for at least a decade. Many complain about the difficulty of crossing the borders to even have a chance at living the American dream, so they do so illegally by means of trafficking, smuggling, and also some choice to try to dash the border patrol zones. But why, after over ten years, do they still choose to be deemed as criminals instead of joining the law-abiding citizens that keep the nation strong and running?

Not to mention, after ten years, do they have any means of becoming a legal immigrant and participating like every citizen? Sadly, no, they continue to live a long life supported by tax payer’s money and have their kid also be supported by tax payer’s money. Where does it stop? Where do we draw the line and see we aren’t helping anyone by having them believe they can be supported by the government forever?

Illegal immigrants paint a picture where they are the victims, sacred of being forced back where they originally resided. Ninety-two percent of those arrested by I.C.E. had a criminal conviction, a pending criminal charge, were an I.C.E. fugitive, or had re-entered the country after previously being removed by I.C.E. While illegal immigrants are trying to play helpless and innocent statistics show that almost all that come into contact with I.C.E. are the criminals who have once again shown their blatant regards for our laws.

Risky Birthright: The Controversial Path to U.S. Citizenship

Nowadays, people have gotten clever with attaining citizenship rights in the U.S., completely disrespecting our system. Some careless pregnant women have found it to be quite easy to lie about how far they are along the pregnancy and then fly to the U.S. prior to giving birth in an attempt to gain citizenship when the cold is born on American soil. This is a questionable act because the child could very well suffer damages due to flying. This brings to question if those families would risk so much to their lives, why would they choose to start their new lives as criminals? Is it too much to ask to follow the laws of the land that offer protection and freedom to all of us American citizens?

What concerns me is when huge groups of immigrants threaten our borders by attempting to rush in and automatically claim citizenship. In contrast, most of the people in the big caravan have shown signs of uncivil behavior by burning the American flag that represents our beloved nation and attacking policemen with bolder-like rocks. They march the streets, sharing their national pride for a different nation than the one they seek refuge in. They claim they want nothing more than to share the opportunity that we have an abundance of but show no signs of wanting to truly engage in American pride. They seek out our help but expect more than just an opportunity.

They expect help from the state and government to give them aid as they enjoy the sweet nectar of other hard-working, law-abiding citizens’ tax money. In some sanctuary states, illegal immigrants are granted free housing worth some $3,000 a month. While our middle class is surging on much less, and they are having to work for every penny. They seek free medical and health care, which can be the difference between a bank-breaking bill for a paying citizen.

The unpaid cost of treating people who cannot afford to pay and are ineligible for social service programs is passed on to paying patients and their insurance providers, which means their costs can go up. They have no burden to worry about the cost of their daily lives, while hard-working American citizens are finding it harder and harder to live their lives. While criminals are being supported by the government, men and women who have properly represented American policies are being treated as the real Criminals.

Analyzing the True Impact: Does Illegal Immigration Boost the Economy?

On the other hand, some believe that all illegal immigrants deserve citizenship and support from the government. Those people are also the ones to argue that immigrants support our economy and growth. For the most part, that is understandable, but to what level do they stop helping our economy and instead crash it? Benefits are one of many things illegal immigrants seek out. Some make the whole decision to move just based on the mere fact they think they will get free money.

People also argue that illegal immigrants take the jobs that Americans are too lazy for, but in reality, illegal immigrants are the reason big producers cut pay. Their goal is to attract immigrants instead of citizens because an average American citizen doesn’t receive benefits and can’t support themselves, let alone their families.

While an immigrant getting complete benefits has no worries about their wages. This comes down to government regulations constantly being enforced and checked and big corporations abusing the status of immigrants, and the effect is seen on the countless Americans left without jobs. We hold ourselves to a certain standard to be an American, and this is what separates us from people who could threaten our peace and way of life.

At night, we all lock our doors to our homes, but it’s not to make people on the outside feel unwelcome. It’s to protect what’s inside and to know who’s coming in. Our borders are our doors, and illegal immigrants feel entitled to just walking in and take what they please without any thought of whose home they are walking into. Immigrants stand tall to demand entry without having any actual intention of being an American. Their loyalty is to their country, and they don’t consider America their home.


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