Navigating Excellence Through Time Management and Quality Strategies

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The history of quality management: Quality management has been around for a long time. It is used to look at skilled workers producing a product, and a higher worker inspects the end process to see if it meets everyone’s satisfaction. Understanding how management in any process works and can improve on any assumptions of quality.

Why is it important?

With the increasing competition and changing of the technology, the need for the customers. It is very important for the company to achieve customer satisfaction with total quality management.

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Navigating Excellence Through Time Management and Quality Strategies
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Role of Leadership

Why do we use Strategic Management?

Strategy is an effective management tool to help forecast the future of the company. Strategic leadership should know the organization’s mission and values of the company. They need to share this with the staff to achieve outcomes and keep the team motivated. Strategic leadership can help provide the mission and direction for the growth and success of an organization to employees.

The role model of management

Management role models are important in any company; they will exhibit their competence in the workforce. This will show employees or other managers that they can do the job and make sure everyone is on task. Employees are followers who will become a fan of life, and a leader becomes a mirror through which they see themselves and adjust to live a worthy and better life. If one truly wants to survive in a leadership position, he or she will have to pay attention to the needs of the followers. If the leader wants to lead by example, it is not simply being proactive or taking initiative. Support your team members and do everything you can to encourage their success.

  • Being dependable is important to maintain quality.
  • When you say that you will do something, you should do it.
  • Be punctual. People will be relying on you, and it is important.

Always keep a positive attitude even when times are tough. Smiles are catchy, and sometimes, that is all one needs to brighten someone else’s day. Always hope for the best, but be gracious if disappointment comes your way.

Types of Management Metrics

This type of management features a process that defines its quality; the entire production process, resulting in the absolute quality, is planned with complete metrics- measures of different quality and quantity to have an individual process.

General Quality Strategic and Tools

Establishing customer expectations

It is extremely important to establish customer expectations. The first step is to meet the customer’s needs and to give them the support they require. Your customers wants, and needs are what help the organization grow and become profitable (Slack,2003). Once that has been fully established, a business can now create a system that meets the consumer’s desires. The risk for high customer expectations is something may go wrong and will affect the consumer’s satisfaction with your business.

Designing quality

Define the stated quality needs for the project requirements. It is also defined as conformance to requirements or fitness for use, which means that the product or services must meet the intended objectives of the project to the sponsor and recipient (Noriak,1984). Design quality can be used on how to approach the project and the jobs it is going to take to achieve the correct outcome.

Defining Metric

Develop metrics for measuring the effectiveness. The first component is for the company to develop a mission and define the goals for the company. This allows a standard of measurement of the quality of a planning process to be assessed. This helps the company track performance costs in all departments.


Should have a guarantee that products will be 100 percent to your standard and error-free by adding controls to prevent defects and catching any errors in the process before they occur. This process should make it nearly impossible for mistakes and defects as the process is started and completed. Because human errors can occur all of the time, it is very important for an organization to implement a mistake-proofing management tool.


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