Navigating the Marijuana Dilemma: Health, Society, and Safety

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Health Hazards of Marijuana Consumption

Imagine you are a president, and you realized that marijuana is consumed a lot in your country; what would you do? Marijuana is an illegal drug that is made from the dried leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. Some people smoke it because it makes them feel good and also develop their experiments. It’s a toxic product because if you smoke it one time, it will be addictive, and that might ruin your life. Also, his exports and production are banned by the law, but there’s always a group of people that may argue about that. Smoking marijuana should be illegal. It has many effects. Marijuana causes health problems and social disconnection, and consumption can cause fatal accidents.

Social Disconnection and Isolation

First and foremost, smoking marijuana can cause health problems. According to, 158.8 million people around the world use marijuana – more than 3.8% of the planet’s population. The product causes health problems such as lung cancer, respiratory illnesses, mental health, brain function, and memory. In some cases, consumers suddenly get sick and start messing with their lives; they become crazy and disabled. People who will have a chance to obtain children while smoking marijuana can contaminate their children by paralyzing them. Some may be addictive, but it will take longer time because the product will reach their organisms step by step, so that will lead them to smoke it daily. Finally, marijuana can be determined as an illicit drug if it only causes problems.

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Navigating the Marijuana Dilemma: Health, Society, and Safety
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Marijuana and Fatal Accidents

Second of all, consuming marijuana can cause social disconnection. Referred to, 25% have no meaningful social support at all. When people use marijuana, it makes them think about a lot of things, so they need to be alone to think clearly about their stuff. During some periods, they are calm and always concerned about something; loneliness makes them feel good, and they also get nervous quickly. If they are alone, they can be high by smoking, so they may try to commit suicide, lose knowledge, and submit to overdose. Unfortunately, somebody who is an addict to this drug probably has a pitiful life.

Debunking Proponents’ Claims

Third of all, smoking marijuana can be the cause of fatal accidents that can affect society. Related to (, roughly 10% of Washington state drivers involved in fatal car crashes between 2010 and 2014 tested positive for recent use of marijuana; everybody knows that it’s bad because the product is made of 800 joints in one. So, compared to that, we can say that marijuana is banished because it ruins people’s lives by causing fatal accidents, and it’s more terrible than alcohol and other existing car accidents. It puts people’s lives in danger because other people who don’t smoke may be the victims. Some car accident caused by marijuana happens when the driver falls asleep because the drug is like a sleeping pill; once you consume it, it will play his docket. Lastly, excessive abuse of marijuana can result in many forms of death.

Conclusion: A Balanced Perspective

Consumers may argue that smoking marijuana should be legal. They think that marijuana has never killed anyone. Also, marijuana effectively treats the symptoms of many serious illnesses like aids, cancer, and multiple sclerosis. They realized that marijuana’s active ingredient is less toxic than nicotine, that its legalization can develop agriculture, and that farmers will benefit from new crops; it also increases exports of agriculture, but some just think that it makes them high, and some students think that it helps them in their studies by giving them a big part of reflection. This, however, is not really true. A lot of people smoke marijuana, and it causes many effects; some people, too, even if it’s beneficial, as medical marijuana is very bad and can increase your risk of suffering illnesses. Even though marijuana legalization develops the country economically, it’s not beneficial for the education, health, and respect of the country.

As a result, for many people, the debate over the legalization of marijuana is not an easy one to choose. There are strong statistics and arguments that support both views, but the essential is the one that supports that marijuana should be illegal because it causes health issues, social disconnection, and accidents. So, legalizing marijuana can destroy people’s lives. Smoking marijuana should be illegal.


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